what is Haram in Islam?

So many books and so many researches are being carried out to know what Haram (forbidden) and what Halal (allowed) in Islam are, here in this article; we get every word from The Holy Book of Coraan, that gives us the best judge in everything.

Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) said in Coraan which can be translated into English as:

“This Coraan guides to which is the best” (17:9)

Here we discuss about the main forbidden things in Islam, and aside from other rules in Islam as there are so many rules.

The most important and biggest sins in Islam are considered the most dangerous sins and Allah asked us to be away from them. First of all, not to pray nor believe that there is another god except Allah, and this can’t be forgiven by Allah after being guided and Allah said literally:

“Allah doesn’t forgive to be partnered and forgives what is below that for whom he wants” (4:48)

And then, Sins lower degrees, Allah asked us to be good to parents whatever the reason was, and not to kill children fearing of being broke, because Allah gives money to whom he wants and with a wise, and not to get close from illegal sex (here Allah has forbidden us from getting close to illegal sex and not to have it only, so any means can help leading us to illegal sex is considering haram as well), and not kill the person except for a right reason. (6:151) or to say about Allah what don’t know and not sure of (7:33)

Thus, we get to forbidden food that we can’t eat, beginning from dead animals without butchering, except which lives in the ocean like fishes, and blood, and the pig, and animals which have been butchered not for Allah, ( before butchering any animal to be halal in Islam, the butcher man has to say “Allahu akbar” which means “Allah is the greatest” before butchering any animal, and as well he has to thank Allah ( azzawajal ) because he allocated these animals as a human’s food, and other purposes ), but as well if someone needed to eat it, or had to, Allah forgives, and is the most merciful (2:173)

Allah said in Coraan “Allah descended to you the book and the wise” (4:113), hence, Allah as well gave us some of wise that we can follow for more guide. I quote from Coraan (17)

“and you God asked you not to worship except him and being kind with parents, when they get old one or both of them, Don’t say to them “Ohh” and don’t get mad at them and tell them generous words” (17:23)


“and get your voice low for them, and lower the wing of humbleness to them as a mercy and say O my god have mercy on them as they raised me while I was little” (17:24)


“Your god knows what’s in your minds, if you’re good, He is a forgiver for forgiveness askers” (17:25)


“and give the sibling his right, and the poor and who has right, and don’t be extravagant” (17:26)


“Extravagant people are the brothers of Satans, and Satan is unthankful to God” (17:27)


“And don’t let your hand be mean nor spread it all of the spreading therefore, you become blamed” (17:29)


“your god give money whom he wants and evaluates, he is the most experiment in his slaves” (17:30)


“And don’t kill your children fearing breaking in money. Allah gives them and you, killing them is a great sin” (17:31)


“And don’t get close to Illegal sex, It is obscene and it is a bad way” (17:32)


“And don’t kill any person except in right” (17:33)


“and don’t get close to orphan’s money except for good purposes until he gets matured and hold the promise and don’t break it, you will be asked about it” (17:34)


“And Don’t talk about what you don’t know about, you will be asked about hearing, sight and heart” (17:36)


“And don’t walk in land snob, you won’t break earth and your height won’t reach mountains” (17:37)


“You will be asked about the bad of All of that” (17:38)


“That is of what your god inspired you of the wise and don’t make with Allah another god so you be thrown to hell” (17:39)




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