Verse of Stoning (Alrajm) in Islam

beginning with great name of Allah…

Dear reader, if you don’t know about what this article is about, I would like you to join me here reading it, to know more about Islam and to work together to reach to the truth but dear you have to either read the entire article or stop reading it right now. if you already have any idea about this, I welcome to all people who are seeking the truth, but this article is just for those who are searching for the truth away from any blind religious emotions, using only the most precious two things Allah dedicated to us to know how to get closer to him which are Coraan, and brain.

Now many people and Islamic scholars consider Nasikh and Mansukh as a true story, I won’t here talk about what is that because there are so many books and it can take long time and studies, but I’ll give a fast overview, Nasikh and Mansukh (as what most of Islamic Scholars believe) is a rule that Allah sends descend ayas in Coraan and then Mohammed (SAWS) drop it and change the rule of the aya, Thus, so many ayas are being replaced by Hadiths.

Hadiths as we All know are the narrations of what the Prophet Mohammed has said, and there are strong hadiths, medium hadiths and weak hadiths that aren’t trusted, no wonder so many people take all hadiths as a trlyu what our prophet has said, here I would say dear, after Mohammed (SAWS) had passed away over hundreds of year, and which can’t be certified really well, in addition to the wars, and after mongols and tatars and many other invasion which buried so many books and burned them, and it’s actually a long story but after those invasions, arabs were tottaly weak that time which allows any group to play with books or everything but of course except Coraan Allah said:

“We descended the thekr and we are its saviours” (15:9)

which means Allah and his angels who are saving the Coraan, but Hadiths aren’t all certified as we saw before, now we take the Coraan which is the book of Allah as the only main factor of Islam, and Allah said :

“and who is more true in narrations than Allah” (4:87)

“those are Allah’s ayas we are reciting them in right, so which narrations after Allah and his ayas do they beleive in!” (45:6)

which proves that the most certified book is the Coraan. How not and it is the exact words that Allah said.

let’s take an overview of the word “aya” and it’s translation into English, Allah said:

“and if you came to the whom were given the book with every aya, they wouldn’t follow your destination” (2:145)

which means here if you give those people all the prooves they won’t follow you, so first meaning in Coraan is “proof” or “Mircale and of course there are still many ayas contain the same meaning.

“or like the man who passed by a dead village has nothing and said ‘who can make it live again after its death’ so Allah made him dead one hundred years, and then gave him life again and asked him how many long have you were away from life? and he said a day or more than with a little, Allah said No, it was one hundred years and look at your food and your drink how they didn’t corrupt and look at your donkey and to make you an aya to people and look at the stones how we repair it and cover it with meat, and when it was clarified to him he said I know Allah can do everything”

here it meant and to make you an example for people, so a second meaning can be translated as “example”.

“and how many ayas in the skies and earth they see it and ignore it” (12:105)

here it says and how many marks in the skies and earth… so a third transation can be “mark”.

“And Allah has descended water from the sky to give life to earth after its death, there is an aya in that to who listens” (16:65)

and as well when Abraham have been praying Allah while he was building Al ka’ba:

“Oh our God and send to them a prophet from them who recites for them your ayas, and teaches them the book and the wise…” (2:129)’

and Finally here it means “verse” of a book, or sura. In the story of “nasikh and mansukh” they claim this aya:

“we don’t copy an aya or delete it until we get a better one or the same, Don’t you know that Allah can do everything!” (1:106)

in this aya they take the only one meaning of the word “aya” as “verse” and they claim that verses can be replaced by Mohammed (SAWS), Now Dear searcher for the truth, we saw that this word has several meanings, and Allah said used “we” which means Allah and not Mohammed (SAWS), and as well Allah said:

“and if we replaced an aya with another aya and Allah knows what he descends, they say ‘you are such mere liar’, but most of them don’t know” (16:101)

here Allah tells us about verses clearly, and Allah said “replace” not deleting, and it was while Coraan hasn’t completed yet, because Coraan was descended in parts and steps, but when the Coraan was completed, Allah descended the last aya:

“… today I completed your religion for you, and I have done to you my favor, and I accepted Islam as a religion for you…” (5:3)

and getting back to the aya they claim, that “aya” means “verse” of Coraan again:

“we don’t copy an aya or delete it until we get a better one or the same, Don’t you know that Allah can do everything!” (1:106)

here Allah used “delete” and as well Allah said with the same verb “delete” with “aya” :

“and we made night and day two ayas, and then we deleted the aya of night and made the aya of day bright…” (17:12)

obviously this aya shows exactly how Allah deleted some ayas, like the aya of night, this aya means that Allah has created the night and day, and they both are ayas, but Allah deleted the night, and it doesn’t mean there is no night but it can’t be a mark anymore in contrast with day when we watch sun and how energy it gives and think who created this sun.

as well Allah saved this Coraan, how can Mohammed (SAWS) changes it? it’s impossible, Allah said to Mohammed in Coraan:

“say I’m not telling you I have what Allah has, and I don’t know in what happens in absence or future, and I’m not telling you that I’m an angel, I just follow what is inspired to me, say do blind and who have sight? can’t you think!” (6:50)

as well :

“… say I can’t change it by myself, I just follow what is inspired to me, I fear a punishment of a great day if I disobey my God” (10:15)

“… and I don’t know what would happen to me nor to you, I just follow what is inspired to me, and I’m mere a prophet” (46:9)

Now let’s begin with Ayat Al Rajm. what this “aya” is? what does it say?

First of All, actually according to the book of Allah and the only main factor of Arabic Languge we can not call it an aya because it is not written in Coraan, and it was derived from some hadiths. It says:

whenever God’s Apostle received revelation, he felt its rigour and the complexion of his face changed. One day revelation descended upon him: he felt the same rigour. When it was over and he felt relief he said: “Take from me. Verily God has ordained a way for them (the women who commit fornication): (When) a married man (commits adultery) with a married woman, and an unmarried male with an unmarried woman, then in case of married (persons) there is (a punishment) of one hundred lashes and then stoning (to death). And in case of unmarried persons (the punishment) is one hundred lashes and exile for one year” kitab al hudud, Book 017, number 4192

another one by Iscaac shaibani:

“I asked ‘Abdullah b. Abu Aufi if Allah’s Messenger awarded (the punishment) of stoning (to death). He said: Yes. I said: After Sura al-Nur was revealed or before that? He said: I do not know.” sahih bukhari (6335), sahih muslim (3214)

and even read for this other fake hadith:

“The messenger used to agree with Christians and Jewish of what Allah didn’t ask him to” albukhari (5462), muslim (4307)

they claim that there is an aya called “alrajm” that Allah descended this aya to Mohammed but a goat has eaten it, and it was forgetton, when we listen to that, first how a goat will enter to his house and he never had goats? and then Didn’t Allah promise to save the Coraan? how this can happen it’s difinitely fake and they want to insult Islam through Sunnah and Hadith, and we give you all the prooves:

in Arabic the fake aya says:

“الشيخ و الشيخة إذا زنيا فارجموهما البتة”

which can be translated into English as:

“The sheikh and Sheikha if they had illegal sex, then stone them to death”

they mean with sheikh and sheikha the married man and woman and if they had illegal sex they have to be killed

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 50: Conditions, Number 885: Narrated Abu Huraira and Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani: A bedouin came to Allah’s Apostle and said, “O Allah’s apostle! I ask you by Allah to judge My case according to Allah’s Laws.” His opponent, who was more learned than he, said, “Yes, judge between us according to Allah’s Laws, and allow me to speak.” Allah’s Apostle said, “Speak.” He (i .e. the bedouin or the other man) said, “My son was working as a laborer for this (man) and he committed illegal sexual intercourse with his wife. The people told me that it was obligatory that my son should be stoned to death, so in lieu of that I ransomed my son by paying one hundred sheep and a slave girl. Then I asked the religious scholars about it, and they informed me that my son must be lashed one hundred lashes, and be exiled for one year, and the wife of this (man) must be stoned to death.” Allah’s Apostle said, “By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, I will judge between you according to Allah’s Laws. The slave-girl and the sheep are to be returned to you, your son is to receive a hundred lashes and be exiled for one year. You, Unais, go to the wife of this (man) and if she confesses her guilt, stone her to death.” Unais went to that woman next morning and she confessed. Allah’s Apostle ordered that she be stoned to death.

we can tell how the woman is stoned in this hadith and man is not even thought they both made the same mistake, so this is not justice, and Allah is the rightful, and merciful, and the most forgiver.

and this hadith denies the surat Al nur in the Coraan which they claim that this hadith deleted the Ayas, so away from Islam!, in the Coraan Allah said in Surat al nur (24) :

a Sura that we descended and imposed you to do it, and we descended in it ayas that are  well clarified (1)

so the ayas here are clarifiedvery well for all people and has nothing to explain more than Allah’s words…

who has illegal sex of women and men so hit each one of them 100 hits and never feel sorry for them in the religion of Allah if you believe in Allah and the doomsday and let a group of people testify their torture (2)

  • These words are so clear, who has illegal sex and Allah didn’t specify married or not married…

and who accuse the Muhsanats and then they don’t come with 4 witnesses so hit them 80 hits and never accept their witnesses anymore after that and they are the bad people (4) except who repented afterwards and repaired themselves, and allah is the most forgiver and merciful (5)

Muhsanat means free women and which can take their decision for marriage by themselves.

Why four witnesses? Where they can get them from?

This is difficult but we can’t punish somebody if we are not sure they commited a big mistake, and the person who claims illegal sex can be lying and Allah is the most wise and most merciful…

And who accuse their spouces and they have no witnesses except themselves  so one of them witness four witnesses that he is telling the truth (6) and the fifth that Allah course on him if he was from the liers (7) and she can avoid the torture that she witness four witnesses that he is from the liers (8) and the fifth that Allah be angry with her if he was telling the truth (9)

  • as we notice Allah said she avoids the torture, and torture is way different from stonning, because torture doesn’t cause death, but they claim stonning to death, and it is the same torture mentioned before which is the 100 hits, and Allah here didn’t speak about another torture and Allah continued with that aya talking about 100 hits, and Allah says :

“and who can’t get married with muhsanat of believers so of who you have of your doughters and Allah knows your believes each one of another, and marry them with the permission of their parents and gve them their wages like free women, and not for a willing for an illegal sex, and if they got married and had illegal sex so they have the half of what Muhsanat (free women) of te torture, and this (about guys who can’t get married with muhsanat) is for who was worried of having illegal sex and if you be patient it’s better for you and Allah is the most forgiveful and mercy giver” (4:25)

  •  well here if the married Muhsanat have to be killed, so how the non-Muhsanat married have the half torture?!!

of course it’s wrong and it means they will have the half of the 100 hits, which means 50 hits.

[Narrated ‘Aisha] “The verse of the stoning and of suckling an adult ten times were revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept under my bed. When the messenger of Allah expired and we were preoccupied with his death, a goat entered and ate away the paper.”

  • how can an Aya be written on a paper in her bed ? why would Mohammed (SAWS) would hide such Important Aya in his bed? and a goat came and ate it? Mohammed never grazed goats and Isn’t Allah able to save his aya ? and why this aya is not written in Coraan? Mohammed could write it I f that is true…
  • The hadith talks about the jewish man who came to Mohammed, before asking why this jewish came and he knows he will die, I would say who said that in Torah the punishment is stonning ? hasn’t their book been changed? and that’s how they want to change Islam to be just like Jew!!

getting back again the text of this fake aya which is never mentioned in Coraan:

“The sheikh and Sheikha if they had illegal sex, then stone them to death”

  • we can tell how this can be never from Allah, in this fake aya we don’t see anything talk about married people…

what sheikh and sheikha means ?

Most of people think sheikh means the person of the mosque or the one who searches in Islam or relgion let’s see what does it mean and this is the nowadays informal use. But in Coraan :

“and she said oh do I get a child and I’m ajuz and this is my husband sheikh this is so weird” (11:72)

so sheikh means old man and ajuz means old woman:

“and they said Oh Aziz he has a father which is sheikh and take one of us instead of him” (12:78)


“and when he arrived to the water of Village of Midian he found around it so many of people graze and except of them two women asked them whats wrong? and they said we can’t get to the water until those men go and our dad is a sheikh” (46:23)

  • As we see they used in this fake aya the informal meaning of the word “sheikh” instead of the real one, and Allah used it in the real one in Coraan, and in Arabic the word Sheikh is only for men to say old man and the one for women is Ajuz…

For all these reason this Aya can never be Real, and it lies to Mohammed’s Tongue and Aisha’s tongue and the most Important it lies to Allah’s tongue too, deforms the Real Law of Allah and justice.


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  1. U Mean That HADITH is Not Safe , So U R Wrong totally ,If U Want to know what i say , Then Read About It In MUFTI MUHAMMAD TAQI USMANI hafizahullah ARTICLE ,

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