What is Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?


Many people hear the word “Islam”, I asked some friends about what their impressions about Islam are, and the answers were so various largely depending on the status of their country and culture.

Large group of Arabs their answer was “a religion”, other from the Netherlands they said it’s a good culture, friends from the US, some said “Terrorists” and some said “Arabs”. Arabs see Islam as a normal thing because the major religion in most Arabian countries is the Islam, so it doesn’t represent more than some rules, in the Netherlands they met good Muslims and they took their impression from these people, in contrast in the US many of people watch Muslims as terrorists because of some terrorists claim they are Muslims. Hence, our impression of anything is a relativistic matter that we see from a particular corner and it may look way different from another corner, as well both corners may give wrong impressions than the real image.

Now let’s take a look at what Islam is from a new corner, we will watch what Islam is according to who has created it, Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) gave us a guide about Islam, not get away from Allah’s law.

Islam is an Arabic word derived from its root “salam” which means peace, Allah said:

“And don’t fear and don’t ask for al salam and you are the higher and Allah is with you…” (47:35)

Which means and don’t ask them for peace, here means to people who fight Muslims, and the word Islam means getting to peace, and Islam lillah, or Islam li Allah, means getting into peace for Allah, or obedience to Allah, etymology of Islam is not firstly mentioned or created by the prophet Mohammed but so long before, getting back to the prophet Abraham, Allah said:

“And struggle for Allah the right struggle, he guided you and didn’t make anything difficult of religion, the Mila of your father Abraham, He is who called you Muslims before…” (22:78)

Thus, Islam was known before the prophet Mohammed (SAWS), and Abraham is Muslim as well, Allah said about Abraham:

“His God asked him to be a Muslim, and he said I became a Muslim for Allah the God of the worlds” (2:131)

So the main prophet of Islam and first one is Abraham, and we saw in the aya above Allah said about Islam the Milla of Abraham, and not the religion, and Milla can’t be translated into English with only one word, and it refers to some rules, or uncompleted religion, and Allah mentions that Abraham is a Muslim only clearly in Coraan:

“Abraham wasn’t Jewish or Christian but straight Muslim and he wasn’t of those who claim other gods” (3:67)

And how can he become Jewish or Christian and he lived before than these religions have been descended, Allah said:

“And say O people of Bible why do you argue about Abraham and Torah and Gospel have never been descended but after him, can’t you think!” (3:65)

Obviously, Islam was old, and it was the religion of Allah, and here we begin, from our prophet Abraham, the father of Muslims, and not only the prophet Abraham, but All prophets too and it is the only main religion of Allah, and it was from the beginning for all people, not for a particular group of people, as well not only for people but for angels and who are in the skies with Allah:

“And how they seek beyond (not) religion of Allah, and who is in the skies and earth became Muslims for him” (3:83)

And as we said Islam was sent to all creatures, this considering there are Muslim devils as well, Allah says in Demons’ tongue:

“And there are of us who are Muslims and who are disbelievers, and who became Muslims those are seeking guide” (72:14)

And there are many prophets mentioned in Coraan as Muslims, beginning with the Prophet Noah:

“and tell them about the story of Noah when he said to his people O my people if you look down on me, and reminding you with Allah’s ayas…(71) and if you didn’t want then I don’t ask you for wage, my wage is only from Allah, and I was commanded to be from the Muslims(72)” (10:71-72)

Clearly Allah mentioned that Noah was commanded to be from Muslims. As well Prophet Moses, Allah says:

 “And Moses said O my people if you believed in Allah ask only him for help if you already became Muslims” (10:84)

And as well:

“and we made the posterity of Israel cross the sea and Pharaoh followed them with his soldiers aggressively without a right, until he began sinking he said I believed that there is no god except the god whom the posterity of Israel believed in, and I’m from the Muslims” (10:90)

As we can tell, before tried to repent before he dies, but of course it wasn’t accepted because it was until it got out of his control, but what’s important to us, that he said he joins Muslims, and that because Moses was inviting to Islam, and as well before this happening, when Pharaoh asked to kill the magicians who believed in Moses, they said:

“and you don’t have a grudge against us except because we believed in the ayas of our God when it came to us, O our God give us patience and make us die as Muslims” (7:126)

That was about Moses, now let’s see other prophets as well such as the prophet Solomon. His story in Coraan in Sura of Al naml (27) Allah tells us:

“And Solomon is renewed David, and said O people we were learned the logic of birds, and were given of everything and this is the great favor (16) and Soldiers of Solomon were congregated to him from demons and people and the birds (17) and when they came to the valley of ants, an ant said O ants get to your inhabits shall Solomon and his soldiers don’t smash you as they’re no feeling it (18) and he smiled and laughed of her words and said O my god make me able to thank the favor you granted me and my parents and to do good, and make me with your mercy of your good slaves (19) and checked the birds and said why I can’t see the hoopoe or is he absent? (20) I’ll punish him so much or I’ll butcher him or he will get me with important news (21) and the hoopoe lasted a little and came and said I knew what you didn’t know, and I came with Saba’ with a true new (22) I saw a woman possesses them and I was given of everything and she has a great throne (23) I saw her with her people prostrating to sun except Allah and Satan made up their works for them and made them away from the straightway so they don’t get guided (24) Don’t they prostrate to Allah whom everything hidden in the skies and earth get to! And he knows what you hide and what you declare (25) Allah, There is no god except him and he is the god of the Great throne (26) Solomon said we will see if you’re right if you’re a liar (27) go with my message this and throw it to them and go away so let’s see what will they come back with (28) she said O people a generous book was thrown to me (29) It’s from Solomon and It’s beginning with Allah the most merciful (30) that don’t get higher on me and come to me as Muslims (31) she said O people help me with my case, I don’t take a decision until you testify (32) they said we have power and we have great force, and it’s for you, so look what will you command (33) she said if Kings came to a village they spoil it and made the high people in it the lowest, and so they do (34) and I’ll send them with a gift and I’m waiting to see what will they come back with (35) and when it arrived to Solomon he said ‘do you provide me with money! So what Allah granted me is much better than what he granted you, but you get happy with your gift! (36) go back to them, and we will get them with soldiers have no equivalents and we will get them away from it humiliated (37) and Said O people who will get me with her throne before they come to me as Muslims? (38) And an intelligent demon said I can get it to you before you get up your seat, and I’m strong enough for that and I’m honest (39) and who has information of the book said I’ll get it to you before your eyelashes turn back, and when Solomon saw the throne in front of him said this is of my god’s favor to test me whether I’ll thank him or I’ll ignore, and who thanks Allah he is just thanking for himself and who ignores my god doesn’t need anything and is the most generous (40) Solomon commanded to disguise her throne to see if she can get guided or she’s from those who can’t get guided (41) and when she came it was asked is your throne like this? She said it seems like it is indeed and we were given knowledge before her and we were Muslims (42) and what she has been worshipping stopped her from worshipping Allah and she was from disbeliever people (43) it was said to her ‘get to the entrance’ and when she saw it she thought it was water and she uncovered her legs, Solomon said it’s an entrance covered with glasses, she said O my god I abused myself and I became Muslim with Solomon to Allah the god of the worlds (44)” (27:16-44)

Aside from the entire story Allah told is, here it’s important to us how she came to him as Muslim and she became Muslim with Solomon, which means apparently that Solomon was Muslim as well.

And other prophets were mentioned as Muslims such as Lot in (51:36), Jacob (2:132), Joseph (12:101), and as well Jesus:

“And when Jesus felt their unbelief said who my supporters to Allah are? His close people said we are your supporters to Allah and testify that we are Muslims” (3:52)

“and if I inspired to the closest people to Jesus that believe in me and in my Messenger (Jesus) they said we believed and testify that we are Muslims” (5:111)

So they obeyed and became Muslims because even Jesus invited to Islam…

Wait, you just said that Moses and Jesus have invited to the religion of Islam? So even Posterity of Israel was invited to Islam? Then what are Jewish and Christian religions?

To answer these questions, we have to say again, Islam wasn’t a completed religion that time but was a “Milla”, and as well the Torah which is the book of Jewish, was a law and a guide in addition that it was a Light as Allah portrayed this book to us, and it was a law for certain people but not for all people, in contrast with Islam which is from the first was for all people, and as well Moses wasn’t sent to Posterity of Israel only, but to all people, beginning from Posterity of Israel to Pharaoh and his people, Allah says:

“And then we sent afterwards Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his people with our ayas and they mocked and they were criminal people” (10:75)

So clearly Moses was sent to Pharaoh and his people as well which proves that he wasn’t sent only to Posterity of Israel, and he invited to Islam but some people made bad mistakes and didn’t believe after all the proves that Moses had got to them, and then Allah forgave them with some punishment in the Law wish was in Torah, Allah forbade them from some food to eat, Allah said:

“All the food was allowed to Posterity of Israel except what Israel himself forbade himself to eat before Torah was descended, say get the Torah and recite it if you were right!” (3:93)

And Allah forbade some kind of food because they abused themselves and disbelieved Allah says:

“With an abuse from Jewish people we forbade them some delicious food it was allowed to them and because they used to get away from the straightway of Allah so much” (4:160)

And who follow Torah from Jewish people after all they had done before, Allah will forgive them and get them into heavens:

“Believers and Jewish and Sabi’un and Christians who believed in Allah and in doomsday and made good work there will be no fear for them and let them not to be sad” (5:69)

And the aya is clear but Sabi’un as Scholars explained, they are people who stayed believing in Allah and made best effort to stay away from mistakes, and here this aya denies a fake hadith which says from 72 groups of people only one group will enter heaven, and Mohammed can’t say that, here Allah said just who believed in Allah and doomsday and made good job (repented and got away from All bad works after knowing the truth) and of course Allah is the most merciful and most forgiver. The food that Allah forbade Jewish people to eat was according to what Allah said exactly:

“and we forbade Jewish from eating each animal has nails, and we forbade them from fat of cows and sheep except what in their backs, or what connects to bones, and we forbade them because of their abuse, and we are truly right” (6:146)

And as we said Moses was sent to all people but Torah was for particular groups of people, and Moses was Muslim as we proved before, Allah says as well here:

“And we descended the Torah and it has guide and illumination and Muslim prophets judge who are Jewish, Rabbaniyun, and Ahbar…” (5:44)

This shows exactly how Moses and other prophets who judged with Torah were Muslims such as John and Jesus Christ. Torah is directly for Jewish, Rabbaniyun and Ahbar. Rabbaniyun is an Arabic word I didn’t translate to give the right meaning of it, it is derived from “rab” which means god, and it means those people who just pray God and away from politics or religions, and as we said Jewish is not a religion but a guide for jewish and these groups Allah told us, and Ahbar (as in tafseers) they are scholarships of Posterity of Israel. We have to remember as well Torah was for these groups but didn’t punish all of them only Jewish people because of what they did and disbelieved.

Well, that was about Jewish, but how about Christian? Isn’t Christian a religion too? How about Gospel (New Testament)?

Allah told us that Jesus was Muslim as Allah told us in Coraan, and Allah sent Jesus to people as a mercy and to cancel some of what was forbidden to Jewish people of food and to guide them, and Allah taught him The Book, The wise, The Torah, and The gospel to judge between all people beginning with Jewish, Rabbaniyun, Ahbar, and Others and to Christians who followed him, Allah says:

“And when Allah said O Jesus son of Mary remember my favor to you and your mother and when I supported you with Soul of Alquds, talking to people as when you were baby and man, and when I taught you The Book, The Wise, The Torah, and the Gospel…” (5:110)

And Gospel was given to Jesus to judge between Christians and it has as well a guide and illumination as Allah said:

“And sent after them Jesus son of Mary believing in the Torah and we gave him the gospel having in it a guide and an illumination and believing in the Torah and a guide and a wise for people who fear Allah” (5:46)

And as we said it was sent to cancel some of food which was forbidden to Jewish people, in Coraan Jesus said:

“And believing of what’s in my hands of Torah and to allow you some of what was forbidden I came to you with an aya of your god, so fear Allah and follow me!” (3:50)

And to promise people of another mercy that another Messenger will come after Jesus that his name is Ahmed, Jesus says in Coraan:

“And when Jesus son of Mary said O posterity of Israel I’m the messenger of Allah to you believing in what is in my hand of Torah and to promise you happily with a messenger will come after me whose name is Ahmed” (61:6)

By all of these, we can notice how Allah indicated that Jewish and Christianity were to only certain people, Torah came to Jewish, Rabbaniyun and Ahbar, to guide them after they had got misguided and to forbid Jewish people from some food as punishment as we explained before, and they are not religions but a Law for some people and a guide.

Now why does Jesus promise happily with another messenger will come after him? Who is he? And why happily?

After Jesus was sent as a mercy, Allah gave him the Gospel as a guide and an illumination, and to allow them some of the food which has been forbidden, but there still other things have been forbidden, because he said “some”, and because I said Islam wasn’t a complete religion, and the religion which they were invited to Islam, but Christianity refers to people who followed Jesus Christ, and not to the religion, as well Jewish refers to some people, and about Torah and Gospel we explained about them before how they were sent to judge and as a guide and illumination, and Torah had punishments, in contrast Gospel had a cancelation for some of those punishments.

And Jesus Christ promised happily of the messenger after him (Ahmed) who is the same (Mohammed) because he will allow everything thing good and forbid only bad thing, so all punishments with disappear, Allah says about People of Torah and Gospel (which are called now Jewish and Christians) who believe in Mohammed:

“Who are following the non-educated messenger prophet whom they found written for them in Torah and Gospel asking them for good works and stopping them from bad works, and allow them all delicious things, and forbidding them from bad works, and cancelling their punishment, and the chains which were on them and supported him and followed the illumination which was descended with him, Those are the good people” (7:157)

And because of that, Jesus promise them to be happy for his coming, Mohammed (SAWS) allowed us as a command from Allah for every good work and food. And to cancel the punishment, and Allah sent him to Arabs because of two reasons, firstly, because Arabic Language is an ocean of words and clauses which can have very resilient and flexible ways of sayings and writing, and In that time Arabs were so intelligent in writing poems, and they challenged all people so Allah came with Coraan in Arabic language to challenge them to come with it, as well Mohammed wasn’t educated so he’s not like them and they know that he can’t write it, neither them can write a book like this, and Allah challenges them since so long time , since it was descended more than 1400 years, Allah says:

“and if you doubt of what we descended on our slave then get once sura like in it and then pray your partners except of Allah if you were right” (2:23)

And the second reason is because Arabs had no Messengers before Mohammed, unlike posterity of Israel whom were sent many prophets and messengers, therefore Arabs hadn’t been alerted before in their own language or by a messenger who speak their language, Allah says:

“And they said he created it, but it is the right from your god to alert people whom had never been descended an alerter before you shall they get guided” (32:3)

“to alert people whose parents were never alerted before so they are misguided” (36:6)

That was about the messenger Mohammed and Coraan were sent Arab.

Allah loves all his slaves, and he is the most just, Allah judge in fair, and Allah gave us this life to test us, not to let all people bad and good enter heaven, but to give heaven to people who worked good in this life, and to punish who worked bad and disbelieved with hell, and Allah is the most merciful and best forgiver.

Allah wants his slaves to believe in him and to work good to be able to get them in heavens that he created for them, and Allah can’t make people who disbelieved and worked bad to enter heavens because then he will abuse believers who worked good, Allah says:

“and who wanted this life, we give them what we want to whom we want, and then we made for them hell getting in it…” (17:18)

And Allah give them their works in this life, but not in other life, who worked of them good work, Allah will give them good things, and who worked bad Allah will give them bad things and take from them good things in this life, Allah says:

“who wanted this life and its decoration we give them their works back in it without anything missed” (11:15)

But who wanted other life from the heart, Allah will give them their works back in this life and in other life, Allah says:

“and who wanted other life and worked for it its right work and they are believers, those are whose works are thanked” (17:19)

And Allah says as well:

“who wanted the welfare of other life we increase them his welfare, and who wanted the welfare of this life, we give them of it and they will have no chance of other life” (42:20)

But of course Allah is always the most forgiver, and Allah forgives for all mistakes that aren’t intentioned except to be prayed with others:

“Allah doesn’t forgive to be prayed with and forgive for anything else for whom he wants and who pray others he will commit a great sin” (4:48)

“Allah doesn’t forgive to be prayed with and forgive what is lower than that for whom he wants and who pray others he misguided so away” (4:116)

“and who commits bad work or abuse themselves and then ask Allah for forgiveness they will find Allah the best forgiver most merciful” (4:110)

Finally, when Mohammed came and completed the Message, as well Islam was completed by Allah, and it has become a complete religion, Allah says:

“…today I completed you your religion and completed you my favor and I accepted for you Islam as a religion” (5:3)

And since then Islam is the only religion of Allah, and Allah won’t accept any other religion, Allah says:

“And who follows rather than Islam as a religion it won’t be accepted and he is a loser in the other life” (3:85)

But as I mentioned before, the Christianity and Jewish are not considered as religions, but modules for certain people and a guide and a mercy, and Moses the first messenger and prophet for posterity of Israel as Allah says in Coraan in (28:46), and Jesus were Muslims. People of Torah keep judging of what’s in the Torah until Jesus Christ came as a mercy and cancelled some of punishments for people who followed him, and those people keep judging in the Torah and Gospel until Mohammed came, and then Allah cancelled all what is left of punishments and completed Islam, and Christians and Jewish people have to follow Mohammed because it’s series this religion of Allah, it began from Noah, Abraham, Ismail, …, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed. Therefore, Islam as completed and punishment were ended, people have to follow their completed religion, and leave the punishment.

Do I understand Jewish people and Christians are Muslims?

Well, as it was explained and proved that Moses and Jesus were Muslims inviting to Islam, but Jewish aren’t people who followed Moses but who abused themselves and were punished in the Torah, and Christians are who followed and supported Jesus Christ, but by time Jewish and Christians changed their books, and believed in other gods with Allah, some said Jesus son of God, and others said it’s the god, and other believe that Jesus Christ is just a prophet like other prophets. Allah wants Jewish people and Christians to follow Islam to get guided, but if they don’t want, Allah wants them just to pray him only, without others, Allah says:

“… and if the people of book believed it would have been good for them, there believers of them and most of them disbelievers” (3:110)

Because disbelievers aren’t those people doesn’t believe in god only but who doesn’t believe that he’s the only God, but Allah says about people of book (Jewish people and Christians):

“they are not same, there are a group of the people of book reciting Allah’s ayas in the nights prostrating (113) believe in Allah and in other life and command for good works and to stop bad works and compete who will make good works first and they are from the good people (114) and what they do of good works, it won’t be denied and Allah knows who fear him(115)” (3:113-115)

This means this good group of Jewish people and Christians who are the good people are really believers and Insha’Allah Allah will reward them heaven of what they did and worshipped him.

And for people who fight for Islam such as Islamic groups or any other groups under the name of Allah, my brother and sister, you can’t fight anybody or group except if they began the fought, Allah says in Coraan:

“and fight under the name of Allah who fought you, and don’t began the fight, Allah doesn’t like who begin fights” (2:190)

So this one is very important because Allah doesn’t like who begin fights, so there must be a significant reason, I personally believe that who began fought with us are Israeli people whose roots are unknown, and came into Palestine, and killed so many people and children and they are disbelievers, and it hurts when I watch people call themselves Muslims fighting each other.

Finally, I would say as Allah descended the Coraan with Islam, and Coraan is the exact Allah words, then to know more about Islam we should read only Coraan getting away from any information which is out of Coraan.

The religion of Allah (Islam) is very simple and basic, and doesn’t need more than Coraan, doesn’t have any sophisticated ideas, and a clear fair law that protects people from crimes, and this religion is one stead religion has no parts nor divisions such as “Sunni, Shia, Sufi…” Islam is one religion and Allah said:

“and don’t be like who separated and differed after clearifyings were given to them and those will have a great punishment” (3:105)

And here Allah is saying to the prophet Mohammed:

“He gave you of the religion what he has recommended Noah, and what we inspired to you, and what we recommended Abraham, Moses, and Jesus that establish the religion and don’t get separated in it…” (42:13)

“and all of you hold the rope of Allah and don’t get separated, and remember Allah’s favor on you when you were enemies and he gave love into your hearts and you became brothers because of his favor…” (3:103)

After we have been enemies Allah gave love into our hearts for each other and united us, why would people know get separated again in religion and be enemies and fight each other? This is not in Allah’s religion, but it’s a plan to make people fight… Islam is just one stead religion and the prophet Mohammed denies it even before this happened, as an alert Allah says to Mohammed in Coraan:

“Those who separated their religion and became groups, you’re not one of them in anything, and it’s to Allah, and then he will tell them what they have been doing” (6:159)

And separating into groups is not more than a punishment from Allah:

“but he is able to send to you a torture over you, or under your feet, or divide you into groups and make some groups taste the force of the other groups, look how we explain to them the ayas shall they understand” (6:65)

And Allah described these people who separated their religions and became groups:

“of those who separated their religion and became groups, each group are happy of what are in their group” (30:32)

I hope I have given the right thoughts of Islam all according to the Book of Allah (Coraan) believing in all prophets, and all other books, believing Allah is the only God.


5 thoughts on “What is Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

  1. Salam ‘alaykoum.
    I think that your article is good, jazak Allahou kheir.
    There is : sourate 5 verse 111 for Jesus ‘alayhi salam
    May Allah guide us

  2. The article is good…but I think the title should be changed to “What is Islam, Christianity and Judaism?” Jewish is a word used in the same context as Christian or Muslim whereas Judaism is the religion itself (as is Islam and Christianity.) 🙂

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