Common Mistakes 1

  • Coraan, NOT Quraan.


It’s written with “c” and not “q” because “قرآن” is written with letter Caf in Arabic, and all translated words between latin and Arabic use the latin letter “c”, let’s take some English examples:

Cornea = قرنية

Macedonia = مقدونية

Caesar = قيصر

Other Spanish words for example:

Cordoba = قرطبة

Camisa =قميص

Canal = قناة

as well in the system of Latin Alphabet the letter Q was created for certain purposes, as long C can be pronounced as S after E, I or Y, they got the letter Q, to be the sound (Ca, Co, Cu, Que, Qui), but there is nothing such (Qa, Qo, Qu).

So the Arabic word “قرآن” must be only translated into Latin letters as Coraan”.

  • Iman, NOT Imam.

This can be a little confusing, “Imam” is usually used by many people as believing, but it’s wrong.

The word “Iman” refers to the real word which means believing in God.

“Imam” means the person who is a role model for believers, and Allah said to Abraham in Coraan:

“…I will make you an Imam for people…” (2:124)

So Allah will make Abraham a role model for people whom people follow because he is very good person.

  • Imam, NOT Sheikh.

By many muslims, even arabs the word “sheikh” is commonly used to refer to the man who is in charge of the mosque or the man who is the role model of believers, but it’s completely a mistake, the word “sheikh” means an old man, Allah says in Coraan:

“She said woe is me, How will I beget and I’m ajuz, and this is my husband sheikh, this is a weird thing” (11:72)

“Ajuz – عجووز” means old woman, and “Sheikh – شيخ” means old man, and that’s why she was surprised, or if “sheikh” means the man in charge of Mosque, or the role model of believers why she would be surprised?

  • Juma mubaraka, NOT Juma mubarak.

I saw many people who say “Juma Mubarak”, it’s so obviously wrong, this was taken from “Eid Mubarak”, and they just took the word “Mubarak” and put it after “Juma” to be “Juma Mubarak”, but “Eid” is a masculine noun in Arabic, but “Juma” is a feminine noun, so we have to add “a” to the end of the adjective which is “Mubarak”, then it becomes “Mubaraka”, so the right is to say “Juma Mubaraka” such as in Spanish when you say “musulmán” and “musulmana”.


11 thoughts on “Common Mistakes 1

  1. True, true with how Coraan should be pronounced- but we also say Jordan instead of Ordun, and Morocco instead of Magharib – so basically I am not sure people are trying to speak Arabic, but rather make Arabic words more Anglican. Yes, I know that is horrible. Listening to Arabs say the Arabicized form of television or computer or telephone is also hilarious. But yes, when it comes to words dealing with Islam, we should make more of an effort. Good job getting the word out, Salam

    • Jordan is the real name in English sister, like Musa and Moses, Ibrahim and Abraham, if we would write musa, readers might never know it’s Moses, so it must be translated as Moses, as well Morraco is derived from muracush not maghrib, thanks so much sister for your feedback, salam 🙂

    • I believe “Quran” or “Quraan” is completely wrong, I just explained why it should be replaced by “c”, as “Q” came to save the sound of “K”, and both C and Q and basically used for words derived from French and Latin languages, while K is used for words derived from german language, the question should be “Koraa” or “Coran”?, and it really neads a research but I think “C” is much better because it was always the translation for the arabic letter “ق”, adding the word “Macagascar”, 🙂
      hermana no tengo nadie en mi familia habla el castellano, pero yo lo aprendi sobre el internet, y sigo aprendiendo, y me gusta mucho aprender las idiomas 🙂 Muchas gracias 🙂

  2. Just a thought…but I kind of understand the use of “Q” for Koran/Coran/Quran because Q in english is always a “K” sound just as in Caf in Arabic. C in english can be used as an “s” sound as in Ceasar – “seezar” or a “k” sound as in cat -“kat”. Maybe it just clarifies it more so there’s no confusion. Also, in your explanation you list several examples of Arabic words using Caf and the words in english written with “C” but the problem is they’re not all “K”/”Q” sounds as in Caf…it’s late, I’m sick and tired…I’m just throwing my two cents in. Whether thats wise or not given the fact that my brain isn’t entirely functioning at it’s optimum levels right now is up in the air 🙂 muy bien que estas aprendiendo español – es una idioma del mundo que es muy importante. un amigo o primo (no sé cual) de mi esposo en marrecuos, esta aprendiendo español tambien, pero el no habla inlges y yo no hablo arabe entonces cuando necesito a decir algo a el, necesito a hablar en español

    • discussion about Coraan and Quraan is different than Koraan as I explained k is mainly for German words, anyway I will add to you some more information, cat means gato in spanish but even you know that it’s the same in arabic?, it means قط “Cut” in arabic, and it used the same letter c, and going to russian language we will find the same arabic word ” кот ” which sounds the same but to pronounce english c in russian you have basically to add the letter “ь” after “к” to be a soft k like in english ro spanish, thanks for reminging me of this word ^_^, Allah always gave us brain to search and learn, not to just learn from others or we will find the world never develops, y muchas gracias me gusta mucho la lengua española, y me gusta aprender idiomas, en marruecos es mas facil para aprender español porque esta muy cerca de España pero Siria es mas lejos, pero hay el internet, y incluso la idioma inglesa es mas importante que el español y el español despues 🙂 muchas gracias a Allah porque para siempre me ayuda en mis estudios, y gracias por ti hermana 🙂

  3. As far I know, Imam is the man that leads other people in prayer in the mosque..shaikh is the person that studied in Madina or Makkah and has more experience or schooling, and ustad would be a teacher (someone that studied Islam but not in Madina)…dai’a is someone that does da’wa to people (someone that studied Islam but doesn’t have much knowledge as sheikh). So, imam, to me, is different than sheikh..Even, the most know sheikh would be called imam if he is leading others in the haram in Makkah mosque. So there is a difference..

    • Imam yes he is a good person and leads other good people in Islam but sheikh nope this can be used only in informal but it’s completely wrong in arabic, and for ustad yes its a yeacher not necessary islam, can be a teacher of maths, science, etc.. and dai’ia is correct as well, but sheikh is completely wrong as the aya mentioned and so many other Arabic refrences but as i said it can mean so only in informal arabic, imam can be the man who leads the prayer and who leads them to guideness to Allah 🙂

  4. Ofcourse :), we say our Imam is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we follow him..Yes, that is correct sheikh is old man :), usually by the time someone starts having some authority (meaning giving fatwas on a higher level) is an older man 🙂 Imam at the mosque can be 20 and lead people in prayers, but not have suficient islamic knowledge to give any fatwas :). usually someone over 40 years of age, at least. the person can be younger but mostly are older, with age comes the wisdom 🙂 this is when we are referring to islamic terms..otherweise it’s used for a leader,ruler, etc..I read that even word Senator in English is from Arabic word sheikh, meaning rang, status…I’m not that good in Arabic, just learning and finding very interesting 🙂

    • yes our Imam is Mohammed, as well they can people as we pray in Furcan 74, and sheikh is old man only, but I think not usually old men have wisdom, the best age of human is 40 to 50, but sheikh refers to older than 60, and thats why the wife of Abraham were shocked and said I’m old woman and hes old man how will we have a child?, and as well there can be a man with 20 years of old can give fatwas when he has his prooves, in Islam or science or anything just give your prooves, in Sceince we search for them in experiment or equations, but in Islam the main factor is the Coraan, but like you said usually young men now are away from religion 🙂 I like that you’re learning arabic, if you need some help Inshallah I’d like to help you, thanks 🙂

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