Mind manipulation against the religion of God

As most of people see, Islam is mere religion that the majority of its adherents are mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, however, in this article I will try to get the reality of Islam closer to your mind dear reader. I will first give you the main idea of Islam, after you have read my previous article “What is Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?” ( or the spanish version “¿Qué es el Islam, y la religión?” )you should certainly know and realize that Islam approves both Christianity and Judaism, and understand that Islam as I called “the religion of God” with Christianity and Judaism aren’t separated religions but they are one religion named “the religion of God”. Now I will offer you a larger view on Christianity and Judaism from an Islamic view, and I will expose some of accusations against Islam, and moreover I will criticize some mistakes in Islam that are invented or innovated nowadays but are totally false, so Dear reader, if you are a Muslim you have to know what wrong is in your religion, if you aren’t, then you have to know what Islam really is away from Muslims, Media and Islamic countries, But the reality of this religion.

ImageRemember Islam is ONLY judged and taken by the Holy Coraan.

  1. Prologue
  2. Christianity and Judaism
  3. Christianity and Judaism from an Islamic view
  4. Islam
  5. A quick view on mind manipulation
  6. Deforming Islam
  7. some great mistakes aren’t truly in Islam
  • The meaning of the word “Aya
  • Satanic Verses
  • Crescent symbol for Islam and moon-god Allah
  • Innovation and Bid’a in Islam
  • Sects and Madhabs
  • The two terms “kill non-Muslims to go to heaven” and “Non-Muslims are foolish infidels
  • The Idea of Jihad and terrorism
  • Stoning girls who commit adultery


1)                  Prologue


“Whenever there is a paradox or a misconception in divine texts, it is definitely due to our misunderstanding, But not due to the text itself”


Today people realize that politics is something can’t be used on its own to succeed, but hidden beyond the critical matters that people can defend for, and by defending what we will call “Mask of Manipulation” and let be for example the word we frequently heard “Freedom”, most of people will defend their freedom, nobody wants to be controlled, or forced, and by covering the politic benefits behind this word, people will be defending for it, But they are actually fighting for this politics hidden by this word. Thus, controlling by direct commands is a way old version of controlling that no clever chief or manager use anymore, if a salesman wanted to command you buy his merchandise, he won’t force you, simply you won’t accept that, because this is instinct not be feel controlled, therefore he will find an indirect way to make you accept his decision, in other words he will make you choose it by force without making you feel it, so he will give you all information around it but not exactly about it, if it was white colored, he would begin telling you that white is color that inspires relief, safe… and he will turn around other specifies and he won’t tell you I have another one, so you take what he told you and search, in the end you will find and choose his own merchandise, and you won’t even realize that this decision wasn’t taken by you, more than 80% of people undergo these tricks, there are so many various tricks I won’t talk about in my prologue, simply everything you watch in TV, newspapers, or on the internet are direct and indirect ways to hack your mind and direct you and make you take a “pre-planned decision”, But personally, if I will make a decision to choose between a Coka-Cola or Pepsi bottle, between an iPhone or Andriod device, that won’t make me a serious trouble, but the greatest one will be made if I would follow them blindly about my personal views in politics, religious views…

So it is so important to take away all “masks of manipulation” or “indirect commands” and search deeply about our right decision, if you will make it either in politics or religion. Here dear reader I found out the importance of standing by to know more about the truth that is not deformed or made up.

1)      Christianity and Judaism

Christianity and Judaism are kind of close religions, both are based on the Holy bible, but each has its own beliefs. Christians and Judaism believe in the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Both reject Atheism and polytheism.

Christians believe that god exists as Trinity in God the father (Jehovah), God the son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit, and they believe that this is the only way to heaven.

Jews reject that while they believe God is one, and indivisible, and believe that the concept of trinity is false and violent to the doctrine of the Holy Bible, as well they believe that this is the only way to heaven.

2)      Christianity and Judaism from an Islamic view.


After you have read the previous article, I will give you a brief view and as I said “from an Islamic view” I will adopt the holy Cor’an as the only source of Islam away from any other source that can have any kind of probability of being false, incorrect, or wrong.

To know what Judaism is, we have to know where the word came from, in Hebrew it came from the word “yehuda” which is Judah, Y changed into J in English while it was taken from latin language “Judaismus” from Greek “Ioudaismos”. As Hebrew and Arabic languages are both descendant from Central Semitic, the same word will exist as well in Arabic as many other words, in Arabic it can be found as a verb means like “repent, coming back, surrender, or repent”, the Arabic root is “ha-a-da”, to conjugate it with “he” in present mood it will be “huwa yahudu”, and here came the word “yahud’ as the last “u” is dropped off when a word is isolated or at the end of the speech. And to be conjugated with “we” in the past mood of Arabic, it would be “hudna”. In Cor’an people with Moses said:

“And write to us in this life good work, and in other life good work, we “hudna” to you…” (7:156)

And as they repented to god, using this word, they were called “yahud”, so the group with Moses are called “Yahud” or Jews in English.

Christians in Arabic isn’t translated as “masihi”, but in Cor’an it’s translated as “nasrani” and this word literally means as “supporters” and it’s used to call Christian people, singular form is “nasrani” and plural form is “nasara”, and in Cor’an:

“…and Nasara [Christians] said that Christ is the son of God…” (9:30)

So the Jews are the people who surrendered to God, and Christians are the people who were with Jesus and supported him to pray Allah/YHWY, as in Cor’an Allah talks about Jesus:

“When he felt infidelity in them, Jesus said who supports me to Allah? Hawariyun [Chavruta] said we are your supporters to Allah, we believed in Allah and be witness that we became Muslims [we believed]” (3:52)

*In Cor’an “Muslim” is used because literary “Muslim” in Arabic means “peace giver” or “someone who surrender” so being Muslim to God, means believer, and that is why “believe” means “become a muslim”, I will explain this word later.

But then they schemed and thought that Jesus Christ is the son of God and Allah continues to of what Hawariyun [Chavruta] said:

“O our God we believed in you and followed the apostle [Jesus] so write us with the witnesses(53) then they schemed so Allah schemed as well and Allah is the best of those who scheme(54)” (3:53-54)

And to explain how Allah schemed to them, Allah continues to say:

“as Allah said to Jesus and I will take you up to me and to clean you of infidels and I will make who followed you above infidels until doomsday, and then ye will return to me and I will tell ye about what ye have been differing about” (3:55)

So not to be confused about what “Allah schemed” it refers that Allah took Jesus up to him, and prevented them from the apostle. In Cor’an:

“Abraham wasn’t a Jew or a Christian but a straight Muslim and wasn’t of polytheists” (3:67)

So anyone read this verse here will ask how Abraham was Muslim as he died before Mohammed came? I will answer this question after I give the same question, how Abraham was a Jew or a Christian while he died before the revelation of Moses and Jesus? As we explained above that Judaism refers to people who followed Moses and repented to God, and Christianity refers to people who supported Jesus, and therefore Judaism and Christianity exists only after Moses and Jesus, while Abraham was already before Moses and Jesus, as in Bible when God talked to Moses he said:

“Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob…” (Exodus 3:6)

And as well as Jesus in Matthew (the genealogy of Jesus Christ) detailed how Abraham was many generations before Jesus. Now getting back again to our previous question, if Abraham wasn’t a Jew or a Christian then how can he be a Muslim while as well he died generations before Mohammed? As I mentioned in my previous article “What Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are”, Mohammed isn’t the main prophet of Islam, but islam was since Adam, and it was basically based on believing in one god, and anyone believes in one god, doomsday and made good works in this life will definitely go to heaven and by this he will be “Muslim” because he is safe from hell, and this for you does not matter if you were considered without a religion or Christian or Jewish, because when you do these three things (believing in one god, believing in doomsday, making good works in this life) as God promised in Cor’an:

“People who believed and who became Jews and Christians who believed in Allah and the doomsday and made good works they have the good wage with their God and there is no fear about them and shall they not be sad” (2:62) “Who makes good works from male and female people believers, they will go to heaven and won’t be abused not a single atom” (4:124)

Therefore, Islam isn’t firstly presented by Mohammed, but what is presented by Mohammed is the new rules of Islam, as In Torah which is the book of rules for Islam (the religion of God) since Moses, and some new changes as Jesus revealed with Gospel, God canceled some of punishments were in the Torah as I explained in the previous article, so Now Mohammed came with new rules, the rules of Cor’an, where Allah canceled all the punishments, as I cited that from Cor’an and once more again now:

“With an abuse from the Jews we prevented them delicious food which were permitted to them and because of misguiding away from Allah’s path so much” (4:160)

As well as when Jesus came he said as in Cor’an:

“And believing of what is in my hands of the Torah and to allow you some of what was prevented for you and I came to you with miracles/proofs from your god, so fear Allah and obey me” (3:50)

As well in Cor’an about Judo-Christian people:

“Who follow the uneducated prophet messenger who they will find written for them in the Torah and Gospel asking them to make good works and preventing them bad works, and allows for them all the delicious food and prevent them all bad things…” (7:157)

That’s how the complete versions of Islam came and by the word Islam I refer to the only main religion of Allah which came by all prophets and if we will say there are more than one religion, for example, (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), and if you are not Muslim and not believing in Cor’an and Mohammed for some reasons…

Judaism and Christianity share the same book, which is the Bible (Torah is the first five books of the Bible for the Jews), the majority of Prophets, and both share the same god (as well in Islam) now why would the Jews claim there is only one God, and Christians would claim God is trinity, there have to be a breakthrough to the reality by one of them and by this, there will be one doctrine wrong leads to hell and another right leads to heaven, so definitely there will be only two prospects:

1-      Only one religion is from God and the other one is false.

2-      Both are right from God, but one is distorted or manipulated with.

By that, my Jewish or Christian friend, you have to find out what the truth is by searching not by judgment or following our heart and emotions because in the end we human beings will pay the decision we’ve made.

And by proving that there is only one religion that is right, we are confident now that God descended only one religion but by versions, and I personally assume the second prospect is the one more accurate, that Moses, Jesus are right, but there was misconception that God is one. Nowadays there can’t be more than a president in a country, if they were two they will fight each other to get to the most supreme chair, there can’t be two politic parties or they (80%) will fight, and will be called civil-war, so Polytheism is completely rejected, Christians claim that God is one represented by Trinity, but that is confused a lot with polytheism even though they themselves refuse it, let’s take a look again at this verse in the Holy Bible:

“And Jesus answered him, The first of all commandments is; Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the lord thy God With all thy heart, and with all thy soul And with all thy mind, and with all thy strength This is the first commandment.” Mark (12:29-30) from Great Commandments and again repeated in Deuteronomy (6:4-5)

Now after we read the first commandment and the most important one, Jesus says “The Lord our God is one Lord”, it sincerely shows and proves how Jesus says “is one Lord” and uses “Our God” so Jesus has a God which is the Lord, not a father or it should be like “thy God” from the beginning because the Lord is his father not his god, by this and respecting the Great Commandments we should love the Lord our God which is one Lord and search for him, and love all our prophets in balance and believing in all his books, Books of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

Allah said in Cor’an:

“They are infidels who said that Allah is Jesus son of Maria…” (5:17) “They are infidels who said Allah is the third of trinity and there is no God except one God…” (5:73)

Those verses God rejects both ideas of what I will call “New Christianity” which people think that Jesus Christ is God or God is Trinity, and say that God is only one as in what Jesus said in the Bible, as well in Cor’an:

“…And Jesus said, O Israel, worship Allah my God and yours, who become polytheist, then Allah prevented them from Heaven and their home is hell…” (5:72)

As we notice Jesus said “my God and yours” and in Bible said “our God is one Lord”, apparently, Allah is the God of Jesus, and Jesus is our prophet to the religion of God, but we thought that he was God because of the miracles he came up with from God, and believed that, but it appears that there is only one God.

All of that really inspires us that God sent us only one religion, but we created and came up with something called “religions” even though it’s only one. We misunderstood it, and maybe we still misread most of it.

3)      Islam

Islam isn’t the name of the religion called Islam that you hear about only, but actually refers to the only religion of God to All people including Arabs, Jews, Christians, and all other people, and has no sects, or parts, it is just one can’t be divided.

The word “Islam” means “to be in peace”, the word “Muslim” means “someone in peace” or “someone gives peace”.

The word “iman” is mostly translated into English as “believer”, but its root is “amana” which means as well “peace” but there are slight differences between both words “Islam” and “iman”.

Islam was sent to all people and it is the only specious religion. The word Islam is to believe in God/Allah/YHWH within your mind, but the word “Iman” is to believe with your heart, and God says in Cor’an:

“The a’arab said we believed(using iman), tell them you didn’t believe(using iman) but say we believed(using islam) and Iman didn’t enter your hearts yet…” (49:14)

So Islam is to follow the religion of God even if you still have little doubts in your heart, you can search for these doubts until you completely believe in God then you will join Iman. God says in Cor’an:

“Pray your God until certainty comes to you” (15:99)

And maybe the religion was established by God even before Adam was created, Allah states that in Coraan as in demons tongue:

“And that there are Muslims of us and unbelievers, but who believed(using verb Islam) those sought guidance” (72:14)

And as well God Lord said in Cor’an:

“The apostle believed(using verb iman) in what was descended to him by his God and the believers, All believed in Allah and his angels and his books, and his apostles, we don’t tell apart one of another of his apostles and they(believers) said we heard and obeyed wanting your forgiveness our God and to you we will return” (2:285)

By that Iman is defined as: believing in God (Allah), his angels, his books of Bible and Cor’an, his apostles and not to tell apart an apostle from another one and doing that by heart.

But Islam is defined as the only religion of God, and Allah sent it to all people since Adam, the prophet Abraham called as “Islam”, and even Judo-Christian people belong to it, but later they differed and confused it, as we know some still believe God is one and others believed God is Trinity and Jesus son of Allah, and in Cor’an Allah declares this:

“The religion for Allah is Islam and Judo-Christian people differed only when they got the knowledge out of mutual envy, and who denies the proofs of Allah, then Allah is surely quick at reckoning” (3:19)

So, dear Christian and Jewish friend, I’m not inviting you actually to change your religion, but to search for the truth of our religion, the religion of our God, after former people differed and changed its doctrines.

Remember Islam is only judged by Cor’an, respecting to hadeeth and Sunnah, I judge away from them because it’s a good field to differ and manipulate with Islam, today we have this phenomenon called “Mind manipulation” or “Mind Control” which is taking over the world.

4)      A quick view on Mind Manipulation

Each of us has their own hobbies, preferred colors, brands, etc…

And as well each one decide their own future, and everything in their life, and completely on their own, nobody can force you to do something that you don’t want, then how can we say Mind manipulation really exists? And how can some magicians make you choose what they want you to? And how can some marketing experts make sales of a certain brand grow fast?

Actually there is nobody can force you to do something you don’t want to do, and also if by force, it’s a very old way, Today they will make you want to do that they wants you to do…

Easily by hacking your mind through your ears and eyes, everywhere…

There is no such modern army will make a war against another country to steal its petrol anymore, but will use threat papers, will make some drama, and surround all the sheep government with fears to just undergo and obey to give the petrol with the lowest prices…

So is the idea of Mind Manipulation, when it began using different names of “brainwashing” and “Mind Control”, and “Cold War”, if you are a freak, the last would have probably shined in your mind, reminding you with the Korean War, and more importantly the well-known war between the USSR and the US, when both possessed Nuclear Weapons, and if a real war would begin, a mass-destruction will surely happen in both the USSR and the US, and being as enemies one must find a good solution away from destruction to overcome the other side, this cold war begin as cycles of relative calmness and high tension, after many conflicts such as Berlin Blockade, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis, and others, and without a real war the US won by media while Era of Stagnation When former soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev introduced the liberalizing reforms of reorganization and the Openness leaving the US as the most dominant military power.

That was one kind of what is called Mind manipulation, you can read more about it, another simple mind manipulation in marketing, a Cinema in the US decided to make an experiment where they sell popcorns with small (2$) and large (8$) sizes, and small size sales was more than the large one by 90%, and by little notice that nobody will spend more 6$ just to buy a large size, another size was added as a medium size which its price was (7$), by that the focus was changed from the difference in prices between small size and the large one into the difference in sizes between the medium size and the large one, that there is only 1$, so most people would prefer to pay one more dollar to have the large size, by that sales to large sizes jumped up to 70% while medium size sales were only 5% and small size decreased to 25%, now the Cinema didn’t actually forced people to buy the large size but made them want it with a decision that they themselves made.

There are millions and millions of tricks to make people think the way you want.

All the papers you read, TV series and movies you watch, everything around you has meanings and manipulates with your mind without your feeling, the most important rule of Mind Manipulation is to run around the command without saying it, so you will undergo indirectly, All it needs a deep study to the colors and font style and what people tend to, and moreover that what is most used nowadays in politics and ads…

Mind manipulation uses your eyes, ears, heart and emotions to make you obey them.

5)      Deforming Islam.

Now after the religion of God was divided by people to sects and “religions” which they called “Judaism, Christianity and Islam” now they made Islam is even part of it, like it is a sect of itself.

Religion of God is descended to all people (which is called Islam), people differed and made sects, and then God sent again a prophet which is the last to guide people to his religion (Islam), there are people who followed God again and there are some who followed him and other who didn’t, Now misguided people who didn’t follow him are misguided, and misguided people who followed him, and returned to the religion of God, God will forgive them and will guide them more, and guided people have to believe him and as well follow him, but after this division, there would be like a tendency not to change, for anyone it’s hard to change and put up with a new religion even if it was the right, it is always difficult to accept the truth and change, and as well there would be enemies for the new doctrines which they used to have, by that the necessary to convince themselves that they are the right will rise and they will have to manipulate with the religion of God to make it appear completely wrong, and so people will easily convince that it is false, and will convince with the old doctrine, and to strengthen their excuse they would use Mind Manipulation, by that they can insert false ideas about the religion of God to people’s minds, what I mean here is the artificial media, because people tend to follow TV and media on the internet and streets, and by that they can make a drama and claim that it’s result of the new false religion, which is the right one, such as Terrorism activities, they can make terrorism someplace and show in all media high and low that is because of Islamic doctrines, in addition that some researchers will show up and tell their opinion unanimously that this happened because of Islamic doctrines, by that only 60% of people will submit to this kind of media war, but to convince more people, they will show that there are a number of researchers convinced that this is not because of Islamic doctrines, but they will show you that they have weak evidences and so more 30% of people will submit to their media.

What is important now is that we have to search and make our own decision from what is the truth NOT of what we only see, Truth can be most of the times or always fake, especially when you are away, you might see an octagon looks like a circle, and media will show you that it is a circle and people will say that and anyway you are away, so you will be convinced that it’s a circle, but once you get closer, you will watch eight angles, so whenever you care about the truth, you have to get closer, search, and watch it.

All of us heard of Terrorism, first of what comes into our minds is Al-Qaeda, and Osama bin laden, an Islamist terrorist military, committed many killings and bombings, anyone will hear of them would say they are terrorists, but as well remember their name began with “Islamist” by that, a link in your mind will be created between Islam and Terrorism, and that is an easy way to link Islam to Terrorism, even though when we get closer to Cor’an Allah order to fight only who fight you and not to be the first of who fight and not to assault:

“And fight for the sake of Allah who fight you and don’t began the fought, Allah doesn’t love those who begin the fought” (2:190)

So how can such people commit killings against people who didn’t fight them if they were really Muslim? It is either they are not Muslim or they don’t understand this verse of Cor’an and they will have to know that God doesn’t love who begin a fought, besides, what they claim in Jihad is committing suicide, How can they be such blinds and go to kill themselves while Allah says in Cor’an:

“…Don’t kill yourselves, Allah is the most merciful for you” (4:29)

Clearly there is something wrong, in the religion of God, in Cor’an Allah prevents suicides, so this is away from Islam, and using the term Islamist terrorist group is inconsistent, there can’t be terror with Islam, and how can we say “Terrorist peace group” as Islam means “to be in peace or to give peace”, so all of these claims are completely rejected and have no excuses whatsoever.

Zillions of rumors against Islam held especially by the US and some countries in the West to deform Islam the religion of God, Now after I explained to you dear reader how Islam is not different from your religion, and that God didn’t not descend many religions, but only one, and people just created this idea, today the same thing is happening, people even diving the religions, Christianity for example into Orthodox and Catholic… Islam into Sunni, Shea… and just to make people away from each other and divide our religion, while Cor’an tells us never to divide:

“Hold well the religion of Allah and never get divided…” (3:103)

But who divided our religion into many religions? And each religion into sects?

We have to be aware from all of these lies, God is one, we all agree that God is the one who created us and everything, and is the most powerful and merciful and the best forgiver.

God created us and will guide us when we seek his forgiveness, and God is able to do everything.

We agree all of these points and nobody seeking for the truth can deny them, so we all pray the same God, and believe that he is the highest in the skies, and we believe in doomsday.

So we all have to search for the truth, just reading the Bible and the Cor’an, and be away from the lies in the media, and anywhere, God created us minds to use them by search not to make them relaxed and just follow others as most of us do.

6)      Some great mistakes aren’t truly in Islam

Unfortunately, one of the means they used to deform Islam is our stupidity, they can set fake rules and insert them into Islam and too many ideas and that are declared by Muslim people considered as Islamic researchers, and they are so far from Islam itself.

Dear reader, if you are seeking the truth please read carefully what I will tell you, and don’t judge me by your emotional heart for loving God, and his prophet Mohammed, you have to remember that we don’t tell a prophet apart from another, and Mohammed isn’t the first messenger of Islam but the last, in addition that whom we have to trust most is Allah, his books, and the all messengers and we have to remember we judge only according to the book of Allah.

Now what I try to tell you that there is a pretty field that manipulators can deform Islam through is the Sunnah, hadith and misunderstanding the verses of Allah’s book, using people’s blind Muslims’ love to their prophet Mohammed to make them away from Cor’an, and Allah, simply by making Hadiths (Narrations) that Mohammed have never said and citing them into his tongue, and by approving these narrations and throughout media and books, sheikhs will first study them and approve them as well, and by that all people would have no doubt of their approval, I have exposed first the hadith which was about Stoning in Islam which talk about if a married woman must be killed if she had illegal sex in my first article in the blog, and as well which cited to wife of Mohammed, according to him, I hope you’ve read it before, and now I will expose not hadiths but mistakes in Islam that they did insert.

1-    The meaning of the word “Aya”:

If you are an arab muslim it would be easier to you to get it, if not, I’ll try my best to explain to you, when you first read this word, you would think it means a verse in some sura in the Holy Coraan, but with a different deep view and Arabic teachers would know that it’s real meaning is kind of different, because if the word is found only in the Coraan, what was its meaning before? So it has a special meaning, let’s take a look:

“and who don’t know said: Why Allah doesn’t talk to us or an AYA comes to us…” (2:118) “and if you came with who took the book with each AYA they won’t follow you…” (2:145) “Ask Children of Israel how many clear AYAs we gave them” (2:211) “their prophet told them that the AYA of his kingship is that the chest will come to you in which is assurance from your Lord…” (2:248)

Here I have explored some few verses include the word aya, thus we can search in this few in the beginning…

In the first verse I included why would they ask for an aya in additional to Allah’s speech?

In the third verse, if the aya is only in Coraan, how the children of Israel have taken ayas?

Finally the fourth and the last one, if it was a verse in the Coraan, it won’t make sense…

So it definitely doesn’t mean a verse in Coraan, but it means (a sign or prove from Allah) by that let’s take a look at those ayas again:

“and who don’t know said: why Allah doesn’t talk to us or a sign from Allah comes to us…” (2:118) “and if you came with who took the book with each sign from Allah they won’t follow you” (2:145) “Ask Children of Israel how many clear signs of Allah we gave them” (2:211) “their prophet told them that the sign from Allah of his kingship is that the chest but will come to you in which is assurance from your Lord…” (2:248)

Now they made sense, but for making sure about this let’s take another verse, Allah is talking about Jesus:

“and a prophet to the children of Israel, that I came to you with an aya from your god that I create to you from clay a shape of a bird and I evoke in it, so it become real…” (3:49)

So that is a sign from Allah how Jesus creates a birds, as well:

“And how many ayas in the skies and in the earth they see and they dismiss them” (12:105)

So what are the verses in the Coraan in the skies? There is not, but they are signs of Allah, Allah says:

“Of his ayas is the night and day, and Sun and the moon, Don’t Prostrate to the Sun nor to the moon, but prostrate to Allah who created them if you are worshipping him” (41:37)

Those are the ayas there in the sky, and there are many other ayas explain that well but now let’s explore different meaning, Allah says:

“if you doubt of what we descended to our servant then come up with a sura of it…” (2:23)

Allah here is challenging people to make another sura of the Coraan, and as they can’t so these words can never be played with, because they’re the exact words of God, so they have a unique way and they are like a miracle, so they are a sign from Allah or an aya from Allah.

So the major meaning of Aya is (sign of Allah), and the verses in the Coraan are ayas, as well the sun and the moon, the night and the day, and there are many other ayas Allah mentioned in the Coraan, so now we can understand Coraan better with the right translation or understanding to this word, and now I will explore some verses in the Coraan that includes the word aya and then try to change them all to the meaning “sign from Allah” I have searched in all of them, if you have found one doesn’t fit, you can contact me for further help.

“Who don’t know said why Allah wouldn’t talk to us or an aya comes to us, the same said people before them and their heart are the same and we have cleared the ayas to people who understand” (2:118)

Tafseer: People who don’t know in religion said to Mohammed why Allah doesn’t talk to us or give us a sign? They said as people before them and their hearts are the same, but we made our signs clear to people who understand and think. They asked him this because they can see all signs, but they don’t take any into consideration, the sun and the creation of stars and sky and these signs that Allah declared they are signs, so only people who meditate in his creatures will understand his signs.

“and if you come to those who took the book with every aya they wouldn’t have followed you and neither you will follow them, and no one of you will follow the another…” (2:145)

And if you give those who took the book with all signs that you are the prophet, they won’t follow you.

“Ask the Children of Israel how many clear ayas we gave them…” (2:211)

Ask the children of Israel how many clear signs we showed them…

“And his prophet told them that the aya of his kingship that the chest will come to you…” (2:248)

That is the sign for his kingship because Allah chose Talut as a king, with more reading for this verse and the previous verse you understand this story more if you don’t know it.

“… and to make you as an aya for people…” (2:259)

This verse talks about Ezra as most of Islamic researchers have declared and as he died one hundred years and then Allah gave him life again people knew he was dead and then he lived again, so that is such a miracle or a sign of what Allah can do for people.

So the exact and accurate meaning of Aya is “a sign or proof”.

2-    Satanic Verses.

Just reading this title would let you ask yourself what Satanic Verses are. You maybe think it is about black magic or something dangerous, but actually here you have what they claim it to be:

A Satanic verse is a verse that Satan inspired to Mohammed or Gabriel to say in Coraan reveal moments, so Mohammed said them but later deleted them.

This was approved by many Biographers of the Prophet Mohammed including Alwaqidi, ibn saad, al tabari, ibn ishaq, but he soon removed it from his books, this term was first mentioned by William Muir. A lot of scholars and explainers of Coraan mentioned it.

The fake story tells us that Mohammed feared the tribe of “Curaish”, and he wished : I wish that nothing descend to me that can make them away from me, and someday he was with his friends and recited the sura alnajm (53):

“Have ye thought upon AL-lat and Al-uzza(19) and Manat the third, the other?(20)”

According to the story he said afterwards:

“These are the exalted Gharaniq, whose intercession is hoped for”

Of course the last is not seen in the Coraan, and they story tells that he recited the complete Sura afterwards and prostrated and all prostrated after him, nobody left the prayer, and the Tribe of Curaish declared their consent about what Mohammed recited and said:

“we knew that Allah gives life and takes them, and creates and grants and as our gods can intercede for us so we accept that and we support you”.

And moving on according to the story, Mohammed then was in his house until Gabriel came to him so Mohammed Showed Gabriel sura Alnajm, so Gabriel said “Did I give you these words? [about these are the exalted Gharaniq, whose intercession is hoped for], Mohammed said then “Oh I said in the tongue of Allah what is never said”, and then Allah inspired to him:

“and they were about to misguide you from what we inspired to you to say what we didn’t inspire you, and then they would have taken you as a friend(73) and if we hadn’t strengthened you, you would have inclined to them a little(74) then [if you had] we would have made you taste the double life and the double death and then you would never find for yourself against us a helper(75)” Sura al isra (17)

By “we would have made you the double of life and double of death” is another case we would in sha allah search later but I will give you a little bit about, in the Coraan Allah declares that unbelievers will taste the double of life and double of death in contrast believers will taste death only once, unbelievers say doomsday:

“Oh our god you took gave us death twice and gave us life twice so we declared our sins, so is there any way out?” (40:11)

But Allah says about believers:

“They don’t taste except the first death and saved them from the punishment of hell” (44:56)

So if had said what Allah didn’t inspire to him, he will be with unbelievers in hell…

And they support this story with this verse in the Coraan:

“and we haven’t sent before you a messenger or a prophet except that when he hopes, Satan threw into it, so Allah deletes what Satan threw and then Allah makes his ayas precise and Allah is knowing and wise” (22:52)

By that All tafseers explain this verse that Satan threw into Mohammeds mouth a fake verse and when Gabriel came to him they saw it and then deleted it.

Some of explainers or translators explain the word “hope” here as “recite” and others explains it as “hope”.

All it needs a little research to prove how wrong and ridiculous this story is.

First, they tend the support of the following verse :

“and they were about to misguide you from what we inspired to you to say what we didn’t inspire you, and then they would have taken you as a friend(73) and if we hadn’t strengthened you, you would have inclined to them a little(74) then [if you had] we would have made you taste the double life and the double death and then you would never find for yourself against us a helper(75)” Sura al isra (17)

But the story tells that he already inclined to them, so he is with unbelievers as they claim, but he didn’t incline to them because if he would have, Allah will make him with unbelievers and will punish him.

Second, this fake story has many versions, so the Fake Satanic Verse is claimed to be:

  1. “the Exalted Gharaniq whose intercession is hoped for”
  2. “whose intercession is hoped for” without ‘the exalted gharaniq’.
  3. “and those are the exalted Gharaniq”
  4. “and those are the exalted Gharaniq and whose intercession only is hoped for”

There is no one stationary narration they stand for, because that is how a lie works.

Third, the following sura, if we would say that is true as they claim:

“he certainly has seen of the greatest signs of his God(18) So have ye thought upon Al-lat and al-uzza(19) and Manat the third, the other?(20) these are the exalted Gharaniq whose intercession is hoped for(the Satanic verse) is the male for ye and for him is the female? (21) that then is an unjust division (22)” Sura an-najm (53)

So as you can tell, the syntax of the text doesn’t bear additional things and makes no sense with that.

Fourth, a Vocabulary mistake, the word “Gharaniq” is never mentioned as “Gods” but it refers to a type of a bird lives above oceans black colored, or a handsome white lad, and this one is supported by “Mohammed Abdou” may allah save his soul and grants him Jannah.

Fifth, in the following verse:

“We haven’t sent before you a messenger or a prophet except that when he hopes, Satan throws into it, so Allah deletes what Satan threw and then Allah makes his ayas precise and Allah is knowing and wise” (22:52)

It’s tafseer or explanation isn’t obvious already, because it doesn’t fit with Satanic verses, because they claim aya to mean a verse in the Coraan only but that’s the major mistake, it means a sign of God, and I believe deep in my heart that aya here especially here means a sign from God, the grave mistake when we don’t use our minds, Allah is talking before this verse about the villages who never believed, and before about the how unbelievers walk and can’t see with their eyes or their hearts understand the signs of God, the exact verse before this says:

“Those who strove against our ayas for seeking to cause failure, those are the companions of hellfire” (22:51)

We can’t explain it that they are striving against the verses of Allah, but against the signs, Allah was talking about that in previous verses, so we can’t jump and change the meaning because there is a syntax, and to explain this verse, before Mohammed, Allah had sent prophets with ayas [with miracles] but most of people didn’t believe them, and thought it had been a magic and this is how they strived against Allah’s ayas, or Allah’s signs, and there is no need for a new miracles or signs, because as we explained Allah made too many signs, look at the sky you will see the moon and the stars with their unlimited distance, and actually God declared that they are in the lower sky out of seven skies, and look at yourself and how you have been created, a precise system works in your body to give you life, and meditate how you are made out of cells, and cells are made out of particles, and particles made out of electrons and atoms, that is how everything is created, and then you deny the signs of God, and now let’s give a good tafseer or explanation to this verse, when Allah said “We haven’t sent before you a messenger or a prophet except when he hopes” it means when he asks Allah for a sign to prove to his nation that he is the true prophet, and when Satan threw in this hope “Satan throws into it”, he doesn’t change anything and make the prophet or the messenger say what wasn’t inspired to him but he makes people think that this isn’t a sign from god, so that they think it’s a magic, but then Allah makes his signs precise “Then Allah makes his ayas precise”, and Allah is knowing, because Allah knows what Satan made people think, so Allah removes what Satan made them think by making his signs precise and here I will give an famous example for this when God asked Moses to throw his crook and it was changed into a snake and it was shaking like a ghost:

“[O Moses] throw your crook, and when he saw it shaking like a ghost…” (27:10)

That is an aya, and Allah called it aya in (27:12), (7:106) and we he came to Pharaoh , they thought it’s a magic:

“So he [Moses] threw his crook and all of sudden it is a big snake” (7:107)

But they thought it was a magic actually:

“and the eminent among of Pharaohs nation said indeed this is a knowing magician” (7:109)

and Pharaoh commanded for magicians to prove that it is not from God, and that is how Satan threw into Pharaoh and his nation, but when the magicians came and threw their crooksthen Moses threw his, it changed into a real snake:

“They [the magicians of Pharaoh’s nation] said O Moses, would you to throw first or we will be the first? He[Moses] said: you throw first, and when they did they magicked the eye’s of people and scared them, and came up with a great magic(116) so we inspired to Moses that throw your crook, and all of a sudden it [the snake of Moses crook] devoured what they did(117)” (7:116,117)

Then God removed what Satan threw and made his sign precise and strong:

“So the truth was established, abolished(stopped) what they were doing” (7:118)

Allah continues with the next verse of the one we are explaining to say:

“to make what Satan threw a tempting for whose hearts are sick and whose hearts are harsh, and the abusers are in a distant misguide” (22:53)

And tempting here means such as magic, So as Pharaoh denied and thought those magicians are working for Moses:

“Pharaoh said, you believed him before I accept that, he is your chief who taught you the magic, so shall you know, I will cut your hands and legs off on opposite sides, and I will crucify all of you” (26:49)

And Allah continues after the verse we want to explain saying:

“and to assure who got the knowledge that it’s the truth from your God so they believe in it and their hearts humbly submit to it, and indeed Allah will guide who believed to the straight path” (22:54)

And that’s how actually Allah guided who got the knowledge, the magicians they know that this can’t be just a magic, but it is the truth from God, so they believed in it, and Allah guided them.

And there are too other many examples but I just gave the most famous one.

3-    Crescent symbol for Islam and Moon-God Allah.

This is one of the most critical mistakes, at first you have to know that this symbol was never used in Mohammed era, so this is an innovation, and I suppose that who invented it to represent Islam chose it because the lunar month Ramadan first day is declared by a new moon, and the first day night has a crescent, so people would know that it is the first day, but I repeat you can’t use this symbol to represent Islam, even though I did use this symbol as ignorance to the importance of its failure. Nowadays many Islamic countries use it in their flags, the important problem we’ve made because of ignorance is to use a symbol by innovation, Allah never ordered to use it neither Mohammed did, and the problem that this symbol incurred is they confused it with Moon-God Allah, if you have ever heard about it.

Moon-God Allah isn’t the same Allah in Islam, but it is an idol called Hubal, which they pagan arabs in the pre-Islamic era thought it was the main god, and had three daughters which are Al-lat, Al-uzza, And Manat. A moon god or a lunar god, means a god that represents the moon, so when you worship a lunar god, you are worshipping the moon, and the accusation is the crescent symbol comes from moon good Allah which is hubal, and by that they accuse Muslims to worship idols, and here we gave them the facility of confusing themselves more by using this symbol, and this accusation is false because Allah in Arabic doesn’t mean as they claim [they claim Allah means the chief God] but it actually means the God, and they claim that the female form of God [Goddess] in Arabic is Al-lat.

Allah is derived from Al ilah, Al means the, and ilah means god, so Allah means the God a not the chief God as they claim because if it was the chief god, it means that there are other gods, and Allah has no feminine form, but Ilah it has a feminine form which simply is Ilaha,

Not Allat as they claim.

Coraan prevented muslims from worshipping the idols and anything except Allah, including the moon and the sun, and declared that Allah who created everything is the one who created the moon:

“of his ayas are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, Don’t prostrate to the sun nor the moon but prostrate to Allah who created them if you are worshipping him” (41:37)

Coraan declares publicly not prostrating to the moon and that Allah is who created the moon, then why do they insist saying that Allah is Hubal? Citing their information from false books and mistakes of muslim scholars like Al Waqidi…

As well I have seen that some translated “abdu-allah” as “keeper of Allah” but that is way wrong, “abdu-allah” means “worshipper of Allah” just try to translate this word “عبد” even in

Google Translate, but they use people’s ignorance of the Arabic language to prove their point.

As well they claim that Islam is a modified version of the pagan arabs former worship, and that Mohammed never asked Arabs to stop worshipping Allah, they don’t know that they didn’t worship Allah they worshipped idols, even if some muslim scholars said that Allah was hubal in pre-Islamic era, they are wrong, Coraan mentions that the worshipping of idols is wrong in many verses such as (12:40), (6:74), (14:35) and many others.

And they I have read their question

“if Allah in Islam different than Hubal who was the chief of Ka’ba, then why Allah in Islam still the chief of Ka’ba?”

If I would consider that Hubal is the same, then Hubal wouldn’t have been destroyed, and getting back with history Ka’ba is in an old mosque (masjid al haram) was renovated by Abraham as Coraan mentions (2: 124-141, 3: 65-68, 95-97) and it’s an old holy place, but by time people got misguided and prayed idols in there, and it wasn’t the only mosque because mosques were any place used for worshipping the God, the God of all people and prophets.

There was for example the Al-Aqsa mosque, and it was mentioned in the Coraan (17:1) by that the God of Ka’ba is the God of Abraham, and not as they claim Hubal the idol.

And Coraan states that there is nothing similar to Allah (42:11), so how can Allah be an idol? As well states that Allah created the skies and earth (14:19) and created all human beings (16:70) and all other creatures (24:45), so according to this how can an Idol creates everything? Dear brohers, we pray God who created all these and we call him the God, or Allah, as well you call him YHWH as well Jehova, and whoever worships the one who created everything is worshipping the God. And I want to tell you as well Jehova and YHWH in the Arabic Bible is Allah, because it’s one, it’s the God, the same God.

So just worship the God, the only one and search for him.

In the book of Leviticus Bible 26:1, God Says

“Ye shall make you no idols, nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God”

That is so true, but the misconception is what non-muslims fall in, is that ka’ba isn’t an idol, nor a graven image, but it is the house of God, and we call all mosques are called houses of God, because prayers are established there, and Ka’ba is in the Haram Mosque, and prayers are directed to Haram mosque in the city where Mohammed was born, and before muslims did make prayers towards Aqsa mosque.

So what we have to know that Crescent symbol never represents Islam, even though I’ve used it before, but I never knew this critcism it brought and I think we should convert it into :ImageImage

4-    Innovation and bid’a in Islam.

An innovation in Islam or any other religion is clearly false, and doesn’t relate to it with any way, and What Mohammed was inspired is the Coraan, and what he commanded for is the Coraan, and What Allah has descended to Mohammed is the Coraan so anything else is called innovation, we have to obey God as he told us, nothing more, nothing less, because even if we did additional things that God never asked us for is called “innovation” and if we did less this is called “imperfection”, as we said there are too many innovations, one of the most important as I mentioned before “Crescent symbol”, is totally an innovation, and because of it we did a gigantic mistake, and confused so many other people, and gave the chance to any enemy to have a fake accusation against Islam, and anything less as neglecting your prayers will lead you to a less faith, a less Iman, which would lead you definitely to get away from God, and will make your fear of making sins less, and you will get misguided. For that we have to do EXACTLY what God and the prophet asked us to do, according to this verse:

“Obey Allah and the messenger and if you don’t want, Allah doesn’t like infidels” (3:32)

But here people confuse this verse by thinking that when Allah says “and the messenger” that the messenger will say additional things and then we have to obey him as in what is it called nowadays Narrations, Dear Muslim brother and sister, I don’t want you to think I’m a Quranist because this is actually an innovated sect of Islam so it’s false to be in a sect, which I will talk about later, but I want you to understand exactly what I mean with my words.

Narrations is the speech of Mohammed as it’s defined, but I will remind you that there is a weak narration, a medium narration, and a strong narration, and this gives the powerful of how much true this narration can be, not how much this narration is true, so a weak narration would be like 10%, the medium one can be like 50% and the strong one can be like 90%, of course there is nothing called 100% because we aren’t so sure, but we’re kind of sure, and what we have 100% only is the Coraan, by that Narration of the prophet Mohammed are a good field to be distorted and to start a mind manipulation, there is nothing proves that Mohammed ordered to write his speech, and the narrations were gathered and written by anyone can remember that they heard somebody speaks on the tongue of Mohammed after hundred years of his death, so if we can meditate for one moment, Narrations can be a kind of innovation, in addition to many weak narrations that can never be true but they are still called weak narrations, I have written before about what is “Abrogating and abrogated [verses]” or in Arabic “An-nasikh wa al mansukh”, so many Muslic scholars have searched about it, and still have no one decision about it. In addition to that many Islamic countries approves it such as Saudi Arabia, one of the most critical problems is what is called “Stoning” this briefly a narration tells to stone a married woman to death if she commits adultery, while Coraan denies that and tells to hit her after 4 witness approves that only 100 times, and if she swore to God that she didn’t they won’t even touch her, in sura 24, so Narrations can be a large place to play with Islamic Law, I have a previous article talks about this narration called “Verse of stoning”, and it says as well that Narrations can replace verses in the Coraan, that actually means only one thing, that Narrations can be different from Coraan, and then you don’t make what in the Coraan but what in the Narrations, so you have completely changed the Islamic Law from Coraan to Narrations, and this is exactly what the “Abrogating and abrogated” or “Nasikh wa mansukh” does, again I said this is approved my many Arab and Islamic countries, and this is totally mistake and a huge mistake, how dare they to change God’s Law? And how can they take Narrations while Allah says:

“Those are the ayas of Allah we’re reciting it to you in the right, so which narration after Allah and his ayas do they believe” (45:6)

And I suppose you will get what I mean there is nothing can replace what is in the Coraan, it is the Law of God, and about “Obey Allah and the messenger”, we have to know very well that the messenger would never say something that God didn’t inspire to him, as we saw in the previous title “Satanic Verses” and again now and What God said “Obey Allah and the messenger” is because God isn’t inspiring the Coraan to all people but to the messenger, so when you obey the messenger you are actually obeying God, because what the messenger is speaking, God told him to:

“who obeys the messenger, he actually obeyed Allah…” (4:80)

And as well God says:

“we have never sent before you except men that we inspire to them, Ask the people of Althekr if you don’t know(43) with the clarifying signs and the psalms, and we descended to you althekr to clarify to people what was descended to them, and shall they meditate(44)” (16)

So Allah descended to Mohammed althekr, to clarify it to us, and he already did, and we can’t say already with narrations, because only God knows how much right these narrations are, and any narration that doesn’t go with Coraan, is definitely false, and we don’t have to stop at “to clarify to them what was descended to them” but we have to continue reading “and shall they meditate”, so can’t we meditate in Althekr? Which is the Coraan? Or like God said:

“Can’t they meditate in the Coraan or locks on their hearts?” (47:24)

So Dear Brother and Sister, Coraan is what we have from God and the messenger, and as you believe deep in your heart God is complete, then anything God says is complete as well as the Bible, and the Coraan, but you don’t have to do what other people did in the bible, who have distorted a lot of it, and hid a lot of it, now we have the Coraan, clear to us and clarified, God says:

“… and he descended to you the book clarified…” (6:114) “alif lam ra, a book whose ayas are perfected and then clarified from an expert wise” (11:1) “a book whose ayas were clarified as an Arabic Coraan to a knowing nation” (41:3)

That is the Coraan, and who asks why God said a book whose verses were descended as an Arabic Coraan, or how that, you can translated it in another way as:

“a book whose verses were clarified as an Arabic read to a knowing nation” (41:3)

And as I said, the word Aya means “Sign” from God that nobody else can do them, and as the verses of the Coraan are signs as well, then they can be called “ayas” but not always, only in certain places.

What I want you to know that I don’t deny the narrations of Mohammed PBUH, but I purify Mohammed from sayings Narrations get against Islam, because what Mohammed said or any other prophet is exactly what Allah ordered him to say, nothing less and nothing more, and if they would say anything more or less, God will punish them as we have seen before, you can’t prevent yourself from something that God allowed you to, and you can’t allow yourself to do something that God prevented you to do, there is a nice story, When Mohammed was one of his wives and she gave him honey to eat, and when he went to the other wife, she knew and got jealous, so he promised her not to eat honey by that he prevented himself from eating honey which Allah allowed him to, and as he is a prophet and a messenger, God told him in public and in Coraan to all people know that this is wrong even if the prophet did in the following verse:

“O the prophet, why do you prevent what Allah allowed you to wanting the consent of your wives, and Allah is the most forgiving” (66:1)

As we see this is a mistake, and Allah is the most forgiving, so you have to ask Allah to forgive you if you’ve done that, and I think I will say this to my vegetarian sisters, Dear sisters you can’t prevent yourself from eating meats because Allah allowed you to, and it has no damage, so be aware and ask God for forgiveness if you did.

5-    Sects and madhhabs

This is one of the most important mistakes in the religion of God, I always tend to mention this because it’s the route to divide the religion and lose the real religion of God, as we know God established the religion but people got divided into Christians and Jews and again Christians had many different doctrines, as well the Jews, and unfortunately as well Islam, and we know that this is the road to hell, Allah says:

“And don’t be like who got divided and differed after the clarified signs came to them, and those have a great punishment” (3:105)

Whenever a party, or any community divides, the other sects will have things aren’t common, things separate them, by time will grow up, each one think only them are the right, until they found each other fighting and getting backwards and they don’t know who is right one, Dear brothers there is only one route, the route of Coraan, the route of Allah, he says:

“this is my path straight so follow it, and don’t follow the sects so you will get divided and away from my path, that what he recommended you shall you fear” (6:153)

I will remind you that madhhabs and sects are innovations, let’s take a brief look:

1. Orthodox Muslim

  1. Sunni Muslim:

Considers that these six books of Narrations are entirely authentic and accurate:

  1. Sahih al Bukhari
  2. Sahih Muslim
  3. Sunan al nisa’i
  4. Sunan abu dawud
  5. Sunan al tirmidi
  6. Sunan ibn majdan

and they are divided into four madhabs, were established by Muslim scholars, under the name of ijtihad.

  1. Hanafi school
  2. Maliki School
  3. Shafi’i school
  4. Hanbali school

And believe that only this sect of Islam will go to heaven.

  1. Shia Muslims

They believes that the Coraanic verses made it clear that only God chooses a vicegerent on Earth, therefore nobody else can make a choice in the matter, and this is why the Shia reject legitimacy or selection of abu bakr, Umar, and Uthman ibn Affan by people to represent Islam, Thus the Shia doesn’t consider Ali to be the fourth Caliph, rather the first Imam, The Shia believe that there are numerous narrations where Mohammed selected Ali as his successor.

No sects in shia, but there is a slight additional difference from Sunni Islam in prayer times which believes that the two prayers Alduhr and alAsr can be combined and the following two prayers Almaghrib and Alisha can be combined in one time, and Alfajr is in its time not combined because there are only three times as mentioned in the Coraan.

  1. Sufi
  2. Ibadi
  3. Ahmadiyya

2. Quranic Muslim

This is little simple chart of the invented Islamic sects and divisions, in Sunna they believe in the books of Narrations entirely, including which differs with the Coraan, which makes the biggest mistakes, and are divided into many other subdivisions, called madhhabs, and all other following sects are invented by years after Mohammed, therefore all of them are innovations in Islam, and Allah prevents us from all of them even if their name would be desirable to you, they include false doctrines inside, and what you have to do is just following God Law, the Religion of God which is so simple, and not complicated, the complicity you are watching is because of the hands of people who innovated so many things in and dirtied their hands to distort the religion of God, as you can tell now many wars between muslims, because of these divisions and subdivisions, as Sunnis believe only them will go to heaven they fight with Quranists accusing them to deny the narrations in while they don’t deny the narrations but don’t take what differs from the Coraan, and they have fight with shia because they don’t think that Mohammed recommended Ali to be his successor while shia do, and many other beliefs.

6-    Kill Non-Muslims to go to heaven

I have heard this impression about Muslims over and over many times, and I propose people who have this impression have kind of reasons to believe this demonstration, but I would say it is actually false, we always have to differ the doctrine of its followers, and the book from its readers, not everyone represents Islam in the real image, including me, but the good people are who tries to apply what is mentioned in the Holy Coraan as much as they can, because actually nobody is perfect, but the complete disaster when somebody reads the holy Coraan and never apply what it has, and think themselves represent Islam, or maybe they never read Coraan at all, and by this Dear reader, whatever you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, or any other respectful doctrines you’re following, not all the Judo-Christian Community follow what is mentioned in the Bible, actually the majority commits adultery, and there are too many criminals from them, who kill, steal, and more while God says:

“Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal.” (Exodus 20:13-15)

So these people can’t represent their doctrines because they aren’t applying what is mentioned in the book, so many wars have broken out by nations, and anyone begin a fight is certainly a criminal, in a war, always too many innocent people will die, children, fathers, mothers, babies, and what is the reason of any kind of war? Is only and I repeat only it is political benefits, and as I’ve seen in the Oxford Dictionary, Terrorism is defined as “the use of violent in order to achieve political aims”, no wonder anyone declares a war first is called “Terrorist” and the other side is “defender”, because nobody will watch themselves killed and stay silent, and here I would not discuss the war between Israel and Arabs, especially Palestine, or the war between USA and Afghanistan and other countries like Iraq, or the war which was between Croatia and Bosnia, and the war which was between the Britain and the US against Japan where two cities have been entirely destroyed, and Ottoman empire (Turkey) upon Armenia in 1914 where more than one million people died, staying away from the Two world wars, so no doubt any person thinks of declaring a war is a terrorist, and has no religion and follow no doctrine, because there is no logical doctrine allows killing, and here I will discuss mainly about the problem caused the link of Terrorism only to Islam, and nowadays a Terrorist is commonly called Islamist, for more linking, exposing these links is so simple, Islam is the religion of God, and God loves his slaves, and will grant all who follow him a Heaven, and the hell punishment is to the infidels, to who break the Law of God, and let’s take a look at the Law of God about wars and killings.

“Allah doesn’t forbid you from those who didn’t fight you in religion and got you out from your houses, from being righteous toward them and acting justify toward them, indeed Allah loves who act justify” (60:8)

Clearly, God isn’t asking to fight those who declared a fought against you dear Muslim, but asking you to be righteous and act justify to them, and “act justify to them” means treating them exactly like any other Muslim, and whom Allah is asking you to fight is these:

“But Allah only forbids you from those who fight already in religion, and expel you out your houses, and aid in your expulsion, from being allies of them, and whoever make allies of them then it is those who are the wrongdoers” (60:9)

Yes, God is asking you not to be friends with those who are fighting you, who fought you first, who declared the war against you first, God says:

“Fight for the sake of Allah those who are fighting you and start a fight, Allah doesn’t like those who start a fight” (2:190)

God clarifies his verses and his Law, Dear Brother, Islam is to fight only who start a fight against you, and God doesn’t like those who start a fight, doesn’t like terrorists, and this Coraan stops you from that, so if you are really seeking heaven, you should meditate and stop fighting any person, even if you think they are infidels, remember you think, but only who knows is God, and moreover I remember a saying says:

“Non-Muslims are foolish infidels”

My Judo-Christian friend, my Muslim friend, this is completely wrong, and a false thought, simply because Coraan witness that there are some of the Judo-Christian people are going to heaven, why not? God is the most merciful, Heaven isn’t with your hands, but with the hands of God, and hell also is, and God made this life to test us, and then he, only him, will decide where we would be, and why to risk your destination by killing somebody? Dear Judo-Christian brother listen up what God says about you in the Coraan:

“They aren’t the same, a nation from Judo-Christians staying up reciting the verses of Allah in the midnights while they’re prostrating” (3:113)

Indeed, there are too many believers and people who love God, searching for him, God continues saying:

“They believe in Allah(YHWH or Jehovah) and doomsday, and order people for good works and forbid them from bad works and are fast for doing good works, and these are from good people(114) and whatever good work they make will not be denied, Allah is expert in those who fear him(115)” from sura (3)

Therefore, Judo-Christians are two parts believers and not, and whoever they are, you can’t fight them with any means unless the non-believer from them start a fight against you, and if a the believer part fought you, for any reason, you have to know that Allah doesn’t love them, because they start a fight, and Allah says this:

“and if two groups of believers fought then make conciliation between them and if one of them oppresses the other, then fight against the one that oppresses until it returns to the ordinance of Allah, and if it returned, then make a conciliation between them in justice, and act justify, indeed Allah loves who act justify” (49:9)

The Law of God is so clear and obvious, and here not to be confused with and thought that only people who believed in Coraan are believers, Believers as I explained above please check it up again and Allah says:

“and if the Judo-Christians believe it would be better for them, some of them are believers and most of them are infidels” (3:110)

And God says a lot of them are infidels and declares who they are in other verses:

“They are infidels who said Allah is Christ son of Mary…” (5:17) “They infidels who said Allah is the third of Trinity and there is no God except only one God…” (5:73)

And as well I will add being infidel doesn’t mean being unbeliever, so don’t get them confused, infidels someone believes in God, but still doesn’t want to obey him, in contrast unbeliever is someone doesn’t believe at all, infidel means unthankful, God said:

“They know the favor of Allah and then they deny it, and most of them are the infidels” (16:83)

By that, Only God knows who infidels are and who are thankful for God, Only him knows who believers are and who are not, and you dear Muslim don’t let some politic leaders misguide you to hell by using your emotions to Islam, by using your love to your religion, I say it again, Don’t let the desirable title attracts you, as they claim now that they want to establish the country of Islam on Earth and whatsoever, you are only ordered and commanded to fight who are fighting you in religion, who fights against your country, and then you have no excuse to defend your religion and your country, God says:

“Shall believers in Allah and Doomsday ask you not to struggle in their money and selves and Allah knows who fear them” (9:44)

And that is the only reason that believers can fight other people, otherwise you might be killing a believer deliberately and God says:

“A believer can’t kill another believer deliberately…” (4:92)

By that Dear Muslim, never think you will kill someone that could be believer whatever they are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, no matter what sect they are, Sunni, Shia.. you might be killing a believer which will lead you to hell. and as well one of the good mind manipulation games is to show you a part of the speach not all of it, for example this :


they cite from the Coraan, Sura 4:89, only this part, but I will offer you the complete verse and the verse which follows it:

“they [the true infidels] wish that you disbelieve like they did, so you will be the same, so don’t follow them, until they emigrate for the sake of Allah, but if they turn away, then seize them, and kill them wherever you find them and don’t take from them any helper(89) except who have truce or treaty between your nation and theirs, and who when they come to kill you but their hearts didn’t accept fighting you or their nation, and if Allah wanted he could have made them able to fight you, so if they don’t fight you, and offer you peace, then Allah has not made you any way to fight them(90)” (4:89,90)

as we see that little part they took to show Christians and Jews that God is asking us to kill them, but first we have to realise how the tense is in the past because this was for the era of Mohammed, and second if you could do me a favor and read the underlined text, you will understand that as I explained millions of times, you can’t fight who don’t fight you.

7-    The Idea of Jihad and terrorism

Unfortunately, this word nowadays has kind of only one meaning, in the west it means “Terrorism”, in the East means “fighting infidels”, and I’m writing this for both, the west and the east to know what this word really is, what it means, why the west took it as terrorism, and how dangerous this word is.

The word Jihad means in English “struggle”, it was mentioned many times in the Holy Coraan, and God as the verse we have read in the previous section:

“Shall believers in Allah and Doomsday not ask you not to struggle in their money and selves…” (9:44)

As we see in their money and bodies, about “their money” it is obvious that God means they have to give money as Zakat (Charity by giving money to poor people under the name of God) and the only matter kept is the meaning struggle in self, most of scholars described it as what we know Jihad now, but that is wrong, there are many types of struggling self, a self is the translation of the Arabic word “nafs”, and now let us explore something about this word first, Joseph was saying in the Holy Coraan:

“And I don’t make myself(my nafs) innocent, and the self(nafs) commands to do bad works except whom God have mercy on” (12:53)

So the self/nafs commanding bad works, and briefly struggle in nafs is so clear, it means to struggle against the bad works that nafs commands you, and when Joseph talked this, he was about to commit adultery but he made a Jihad in nafs, he struggled not to commit it, if you woke up lazy and you don’t want to carry out a prayer for example, your nafs asking you to stay laid down, but you make a Jihad and go to carry it out, if you need money, and are worried if you won’t have more if you gave your zakat, but you did it, you struggled your nafs, Allah obviously declares it:

“and struggle in Allah the right struggling, he chose ye and never make anything difficult in the religion, the milla of thy father Abraham, he named ye the Muslims before, and in this Shall the messenger be witness for ye, and shall ye be witnesses for people, so Carry out the prayers and give the Zakat and hold fast to Allah, he is your lord, the best lord and the best helper” (22:78)

To concentrate in this verse, God says “Struggle in Allah the right struggling” and then says “So Carry out the prayers and give the Zakat, and hold fast to Allah”, I think you are getting it Dear Brother Muslim, Jihad in nafs has many types and it can mean what is it now when you have to fight defending your country, and your religion, not to fight your brothers from any religion, and I say Dear brother, because men are always who get into this, But Dear sister you can play your role, and give this message to your son, your brother, or your husband, wake up dear my brother, don’t be used in a dirty political game, what happens now, is that some Islamic countries, without naming not to offend anyone, but you will know which I mean exactly, and I said Islamic countries from Arab countries and non-Arabs, are playing this dirty game, for political uses, they don’t want their armies to get tired, what they do is making a powerful deep Muslim army under the name of Jihad and making up new terms such as “you will go in heaven” and “you will right away have beautiful wives” and more things, to fight against other brother countries, and even Muslims. Dear brother from Pakistan and Afghanistan, keep in your country and fight against your enemies there if you are a real Muslim, and God will ask you about your country and what you did there, not what you did in any other place, you can’t leave your enemy there, as well Dear Palestinian, Don’t forget your enemy, and remember what God said:

“But Allah only forbids you from those who fight already in religion, and expel you out your houses, and aid in your expulsion, from being allies of them, and whoever make allies of them then it is those who are the wrongdoers” (60:9)

Allah forbids you from them and if any Muslim brother want to make a real Jihad in nafs by fighting, there is Palestine waiting for you, your enemy is already fought in religion and expelled too many Palestinian out their homes. And going to heaven isn’t by killing any infidel you think they are, because God will account you. Dear Judo-Christian brother, by this I explained to you that in the book of Islam we can’t fight you or anyone unless they did fight us, as well if any nation in this world starts a fight against you, even if from Muslims, you should know the information I gave you, and know that they aren’t Muslims indeed, our religion is one, and our god is one, and you have the right to defend yourself, and I will repeat a Terrorist is anyone who fights for political aims.

8-    Stoning in Islam

This is one of the major criminal mistakes that I think can lead to hell, and I believe this must never be called a mistake but a crime, and Islam and Coraan denies this so much, and for the importance of this, I have written a separate article explaining this crime under the name “Verse of Stoning (Alrajm) in Islam”, please read it entirely.

I have explored many topics in this humble article, toward my brothers and sisters from all religions, and I have a message to tell you that the God our God is the same for all of us, and he created us, it doesn’t matter what we call him, we have many languages, but he remains one, and we won’t escape from doomsday, we all will return to him, and God will account us depending on our minds, and his books, the book he gave us, not the books written by other people, his books, his words, we can die in any moment, maybe you won’t even finish this article, and maybe God will give you years afterwards, but any moment can be the last of your life, it really can be, right? So Dear Brother, Muslim, or Judo-Christian or Buddhist or whoever you are, isn’t it the time to search for our creator? To search for him and love him? Even if we died before find the right truth, we have been searching for him, Dear Jewish brother, you already believe that there is only one God, and believe in the doomsday, I don’t force you to follow Islam, we have the same religion, and in the book of Islam, God says:

“Those who believed, and who returned to god (who are Jewish) and the supporters (the Christians) and any group of them who believed in Allah (YHWH or Jehovah, The god who created everything) and the final day (doomsday) and made good works, they have their wages from their god and shall they not be sad” (2:62)

Even though you maybe think that Allah isn’t the same YHWH, but the important is what you believe in is the God who created everything, and you believe in the final day, so all you have to do is to make good works, and shall you not be sad, you will go to heaven in the permission of God, that is what mentioned in the Holy Coraan. Dear Christian friend, my fears is for you, because God our Lord is one God, one Lord, let’s both search for him, God is who created everything, real Christianity came from who supported Jesus Christ, but not who believed he is the God, so search for the God who created everything and don’t be afraid, you will find him, our God loves each person of us, and cares for each one of us. Dear Muslim brother, be aware not to follow any sect, not to fight your brother from any sect, shall they be better than you, don’t fight any other one you think they are infidels, you don’t know maybe they maybe even will be guided, God is the most merciful and you can’t kill any person in the earth unless they fight you in religion and expel you out your houses. Finally I will say this verse from the Holy Coraan:

“Say O People of the bible, let’s come to a right word between us and you, not to worship except Allah/YHWH/Jehovah and not to make partners with him anything, and not take any one of us as a god…” (3:64)

May Allah guide you and me Dear brothers and sisters, and remember not to allow the name or the label of a belief to look desirable, but take what’s it actually holds, and remember that we will meet God one day and he will ask us about what we did in this life, please pray for me, and finally peace.


2 thoughts on “Mind manipulation against the religion of God

  1. . . . If you WiLL only try to ANALYZE that during the 6th Century “MOHAMMAD” received MESSAGES from a “god” stating:

    . . . The Messenger of aLLaH said: “I have been COMMANDED to FIGHT against people TILL they testify that there is NO god but aLLaH, that Muhammad is the messenger of aLLaH (HaDiTh SaHih MusLim Volume 1:33 page 17, Volume 1:32 p.17) Hadith Tabari on 7:97 and 9:69, Hadith Sahi Bukhari 8:387, 52:220, 52:177)

    . . . WHY is it that . . . IsLaM can NeVeR, eVeR be a good RELIGION because it PrOmOTeS “TeRRoRisT” KiLLingS, SLaVeRy, LyinG (i.e. “TaquiYyaH”), HaTreD, SuBjuGaTioNs, and MaNy BaD PrObLeMs in the WorLd… NoW and ThEn ?!?. . .

    . . . (QURAN Surah Al-Maidah 5:33, Surah Al-Anfal 8:12, 8:39, Surah An-Nisah 4:76, 4:89, Surah at Taubah 9:5, Surah at-Taubah 9:29) and aLsO the HaDiTh SaHih MusLim Volume 1:33 page 17, Volume 1:32 p.17, Hadith Tabari on 7:97 and 9:69, Hadith Sahi Bukhari 8:387, 52:220, 52:177)


    …Therefore the OnLy SoLuTioN to be PaRT of GOD’s PeaceFuL and LoVinG FaMiLy is to: (Luke 10:20, Lk.23:43, PhiLiPPianes 3:20)
    . . . (1a). BELIEVE in the LORD JESUS CHRIST (Acts 16:30-31, John 3:16-17, 5:24, John 10:10)
    . . . (2b). REPENT all SINS directly to GOD only (Acts 3:19, 1John 1:9, Prov. 28:13)
    . . . (3c). RECEIVE Jesus CHRIST as your LORD, SAVIOR & MASTER (Roma.10:8-10, John 1:12-13)…

    …Heavenly FATHER GOD, I thank you for your love & mercy. I BELIEVE that JESUS CHRIST died for my sins and rose again. I am now REPENTING my sins and ask you to FORGIVE and CLEANSE me from ALL my INIQUITIES. And now Father GOD…I am RECEIVING Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOR. Lead me through your HOLY SPIRIT to live in the way that pleases and glorify you… Thank you for RESTORING me and giving me a RIGHT relationship with you… I give you all the honour and glory in JESUS name… Amen. (1John 5:11-13, ROMA. 10:8-10)…

    . . . *JESUS GOD* is GREAT !!! Be the PoWeR, PrAiSe & GLoRy FoReVeRmoRE !!! (Acts 2:32, John 20:28, John 13:13, Titus 2:13, Mark 12:30-31, Hebrews 13:8, Revelation 7:12 AMP)

    • I did say in my article, that Narrations, aren’t all correct, the one you mentioned, can’t be true, it is a lie on Mohammed’s tongue. please read what i’ve written very well

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