Hello, I’m Mustafa, I live in Syria in the city of Aleppo, a cosmopolitan city between different cultures an

a place in Aleppo which has a church (to the right) and a Mosque (to the left) which are in the same street.

d religions, Islam represents 45% of population and Christianity about 40%, we live all here like brothers, I was born and raised as a Muslim but as an adult I tried to convert into other religions such as Christianity, but soon I reverted back to Islam when I began reading in Bible and Coraan there was many differences that proved to me many realities about Islam and Religion.

I’d like to begin blogging here to spread the knowledge of Arabic language and Islam, I have a kind of overbusy schedule but I write more as first as I have free time, All my work here is sort of thank of what Allah azzawajal gave me, if you have any question or positive critical I would like you to inform me, but before of your critical or any type of judgement, you have to remember that we all are searching for the truth, and everybody can have mistakes.

if you want to e-mail me personally : latristelagrima@live.ca

or you can add me on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EMO.Mustafa

Thank you dear reader.


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